Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Warm and cozy and with pockets!

My husband decided he needed some sweatpants. Since he's been working for about a month to get my garage cleaned up so the car can go inside and building me lots of shelving for my fabric bins, I figured he was due.

Knew he wanted pockets, and I was just figuring on some down and dirty inseam pockets, and done. But oh, no! He first said he wanted cargo pockets. Perplexed, I pulled out my Threads Index and found the right magazine with the cargo pocket tutorial. Then I asked if he wanted the ones with the baffles around the edges. When he looked confused, I asked exactly what he wanted.

His response: ones like these. He had Levis on. I told him those weren't cargo pockets, but his response was that he just wanted some pockets deep enough that his stuff wouldn't fall out. Okaaaay. But then the he added that he wanted one back pocket too. Only one and on the left hip for his wallet.

So instead of my quick and dirty sweats that were going to take an hour or so, a day and a half later, he has nice sweats. The front pockets are like trouser pockets, the back is a copy of the Levis back pocket, and it has a separate waistband. He is very pleased, so that's a win.

I personally think they should be a bit slimmer and a bit shorter, but he's hidden them from me so they will stay as they are! LOL

My sweat pants are up next! More later!