Sunday, December 29, 2013

It's Begun!!!

I'm really  hoping to get my SWAP done for 2014. In case you missed it, here is the plan:
If you look closely, you will note that the Style Arc Stacie jean jacket was on last year's list and didn't reach achievement. Also, the Hot Patterns Great White Shirt. Those will be completed this year! I have my wearable muslin of the Great White Shirt done in the leaf print shirt of my Winter 6 Pac. The Stacie has begun it's muslin journey. Here's the progress so far:

Traced, ready to cut for first muslin fitting

I anticipate having to do at least a few changes to this muslin based on my typical body changes, but as I haven't done that many Style Arc patterns, other than the narrow shoulders and bodacious biceps, I will put the muslin together first and see what additional changes are needed. I expect a sway back adjustment will be needed as well as a possible FBA, but I want to make the muslin first and see how much of each will be needed, as well as any length adjustments that may come up.
Stay tuned. I hope this becomes a very interesting year for sewing.



  1. Good luck. I will enjoy watching your progress.

  2. BeaJay... you're doing the SWAP also aren't you? I thought I'd seen some story boards from you!