Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 In Review

A quick recap of the year in sewing. My 2013 SWAP theme was Chocolate Dreams. Storyboard here:

As you may recall, my life got a little hectic before the Spring came when my adorable husband had a heart attack rapidly followed by a quadruple bypass and a stay in the hospital and then extensive nursing for a bit when he got home. Kind of limited my sewing time for a while!

But as I counted up the other day, counting my 7 Sure Fit Design bodice muslins, I completed over 30 garments in 2013. A good year in spite of some epic fails! (If I count all of the SFD muslins, it's 39!)

We’ll start with the epic fails:

Brown wool slacks that I forgot to add the seam allowances; floral cowl that’s neckline reaches down for exciting views; seersucker bowling shirt; redesigned seersucker bowling shirt and black and tan rayon cap sleeve shirt (not shown); flutter sleeve cardigan that is way too fluttery.  

The not quite there yets: Aqua/tan/brown floral tee where I mistook a stretch fabric for a knit and didn’t add enough ease; Multiple Sure Fit Designs Bodices; multiple bras.

The good ones that are worn regularly: Nicole’s skirt; Long sleeve brown tee~ also a short sleeved tee and a tank out of the same fabric; chevron striped tee; brown/black stripe pants;  tan tee; brown batik top; brown/aqua/orange print tee; twill pants; black & aqua tee; black/aqua/tan linen; taupe micro suede over shirt (looks greenish but isn't); Brown/white cardigan; tan tank that went with the flutter sleeve cardigan; jungle tank; fleece topper; leaf print shirt; Dale’s sweatpants; my sweatpants; my brown pants slip and brown wool pants. (Not all are shown!)

As I look back, it was a great year for sewing. I learned a lot about fitting the body I have now instead of waiting for it to get to the body I want. I put together a pretty cohesive wardrobe over the year. My closet is much more friendly each morning when I’m looking for things to wear.  

I am inspired by all of my blog friends wherever they may be. I do watch Stitcher’s Guild although I’m not a super active poster there. I learn from all of you and love seeing your creations and hearing your thoughts.  

My goals for 2014 are to do a complete SWAP, and if it doesn’t work out in the time frame allotted, I’ll keep going. I have a red grouping coming up after SWAP. I need to focus on my health a little more. I need to focus on learning better habits instead of procrastinating when I am nervous or unsure about doing something. And as always, I need to focus more on living in the present than in the past and the future. Happy New Year my blog friends! I wish you a fun filled, exciting, healthy, and abundant 2014!


  1. You have a lovely selection of clothes there. Great job and what a productive year - even with your poor hubby's troubles.

    Happy 2014

  2. When you pop all your great sewing together like this it just goes to show how talented you are, and how busy your were in 2013. Keep that sewing machine humming away in 2014, and enjoy yourself ... J

  3. Thanks, ladies! I was surprised at how much had been completed and all put together it makes a nice collage. I think 2014 will be stupendous for us all!