Sunday, March 17, 2013

One helluva couple of weeks!

Well, it was a lovely vacation, but, as always, we were happy to get home, pick up our dogs from the kennel and get back into our normal lives.

My best client had been waiting on pins and needles for me to get back and filled my calendar pretty quickly. I was back to work the day after we got home, and even did a Saturday appointment, which is almost unheard of. I continued working throughout the weekend, trying to get caught up on regular work, accounting, and all the rest.

Monday the 4th dawned, with another full week scheduled. Then on Tuesday evening, Dale woke me up with the news he thought he was having a heart attack, and it went downhill from there. It turned out he had most definitely had a heart attack. We went to "our" Kaiser facility about 20 miles away, and they wound up admitting him that evening.

Wednesday they informed us he needed surgery, and they would be sending him to either San Francisco or Santa Clara, which are the location of the Cardiac units. Wound up, he got to ride in an ambulance with a nurse in attendance in addition to the EMT. But he was disappointed they didn't use sirens. :P}} We were thrilled with the facilities in Santa Clara, but the 90 mile drive one way was a bit of a drag.

Long story short, a Cardiac Catheterization showed he needed a bypass. Next day was a quadruple bypass. Then Cardiac ICU, regular hospital, and a week later we returned home. We're trying to figure out a new routine now that will work for both of us when I return to work on Wednesday. He's always been in charge of his own breakfast and lunch because our time frames are different. No more. He's up with me and we're trying to coordinate our internal clocks to be in sync. I think it will take a little bit of a balancing act for a bit to get three meals a day on the table, still work full time and figure out a time to sew.

I'm thrilled he's okay, and our 11th Anniversary yesterday became a reality. The celebration was a little different than I anticipated, but all the more sweet because we were together.

Please hug your spouse and/or partner and think about how much they mean to you. It was a really big eye opener to remember to let the little things go and celebrate your life together. Also, despite the fact you think you're healthy, to listen a bit to the doctors. Watch your diet and get the exercise they recommend. To take the time to do the things that you enjoy and not worry about the small stuff.

Lucky for us, at 65 he's still doing construction and is in very good shape, so his healing is progressing much faster than anticipated. But we do have a good six weeks or so of recovery, so if you don't hear from me often, remember, I'm here in spirit, and even if I'm not sewing in reality, I am sewing in my dreams and day dreams! :P}}

Now I need to figure out how to make time for everything and let go of some of the external stresses that I really don't need in my life.

A wonderful Saint Patrick's Day to you all!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

And we're back!

Well, it's been a few weeks since I posted. A busy few weeks in more ways than one. Work, as usual, has been super busy. It's a good thing when I think about it, but does cut into my personal life and sewing time a bit. Initially I was trying to get a little ahead to take care of all vacation expenses including missing income for while we were gone. Fortunately, or unfortunately, whichever way you look at it, it looks like this year will be an amazing year business wise for me. The housing market is starting to pick up, and due to the incredibly low interest rates, some people are able to refinance their loans into lower rates. As a group, Real Estate Appraisers in this area are typically nearing retirement, and I think a few more have left the business as I get calls from people every day that I haven't worked with before. Good for me all the way around. 

Before we left, I finished the rayon batik tee. My TNT Pamela's perfect tee shirt, short sleeved, Stash fabric, not sure when or where I got it. That's been worn several times and is a great addition to the wardrobe.

Brown Batik Tee

I got most of the next tee done, and finished the hems last night, so that's in rotation now. It's a ecru ivory Lacoste cotton mesh knit, bought on sale from Denver Fabrics. I have a tank already from the fabric, and enough left over for a short sleeved tee too. Having three nice tops for $21.50 reminds me why I sew. :P))

The next item is a "wearable muslin" of the Style Arc Franki top. The fabric isn't one that you'll see on me often, but for days off in the summer, it's a happy top IMO. It's a rayon knit that feels wonderful. I've made some panties (knickers for my sisters across the pond) out of it too, and I think there's enough left for another pair or two. Super comfortable fabric for those! There are still some issues with it, but generally, it's okay. Need to figure out why I have lines running from my neck down to the bust line. That's for when I have a few moments to sit and read my fitting books.

Tan Tee and StyleArc Franki Muslin

I have the Burda top (#2998, OOP?) on the cutting board now. I think the fabric will be super for it. It's a beautiful rayon woven that I've had in my stash for a long time. I think it was initially slated for a dress when I wore them a long time ago. Although the background is black, there are grey swirls, and the beiges, tans, and creams that fit with my SWAP quite well. I also have the next pair of pants ready to go. They're a cotton twill, as usual, in a kind of taupe color. They'll be my standard quarter pocket pants for work.
Burda #2998 top
Taupe Pants Ready to Go
Still need to get the sleeves copied for my Butterick 5616 top, and it's coming up after these two. And I have the rayon-microfiber chocolate brown pinstripe washed and ready to go get pinned and cut for slacks too. I'm debating whether I want to do those with quarter pockets, inseam pockets, or welt pockets. I think the welts may make the cut this time!

Our vacation was fabulous. 60+ family members all in beach houses in Southern California from Wednesday through Sunday, and a big wonderful, emotional 50th wedding anniversary party for my sister and brother in law Saturday night. Besides Dale and I, both daughters, one with spouse, and 5 of my granddaughters got to visit and be there. My sister has 8 kids with spouses, and most of her 44 grand kids and 8 great grand kids were there. It was one big love fest and lots of laughter, tears, and fun. We're planning to repeat it in 2015!

Blue house downstairs unit ours

View from our porch
Relaxing on my porch


Sunset from my porch at the beach

Another sunset from the porch
We got back Monday evening, and I had a pile of orders waiting for me, so needed to get busy with work, so the planned day or two of down time and sewing didn't happen. I don't ordinarily do inspections on the weekend, but I even went and did one yesterday. An unusual property, in the Sacramento Delta. Dale and I went together, and due to the uniqueness and trying to find similar properties spent several hours riding around on various islands and branches of the rivers and sloughs of the Delta looking at houses and marinas, and all the rest. Even though I don't usually work on Saturday, knowing this inspection would take several hours, Saturday was the way to go.

So today, I'm typing an appraisal, running in to Hancock Fabrics to pick up thread and needles, etc., on their big sale, and then hopefully sewing on my pants and cutting out my blouse before I crash. We'll see how much I get done today!

I've added a few pictures not only of the garments, but also snippets of my vacation. It was so relaxing and lovely, I'm still basking in the afterglow!

Enjoy your week and I'll try to catch up and keep posting!