Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy Camper Tonight!

Although I've purchased a few, I haven't done much with my Style Arc patterns up to now. I think that may be changing!

I've spent a few minutes here and there the past week copying off my Stacie Jean Jacket which will be my first entry for the SWAP 2014. I knew with a new pattern and a new to me company, I would have to do a muslin, even though I prefer to just forget them and dive head first into my project.

Yesterday and today I got to work on my muslin a bit. As per usual, I knew I would have to narrow the shoulders and enlarge the sleeves, but since I'm new to Style Arc I wasn't sure what additional changes would be needed. This pattern has multiple pieces, with a front and back yoke, and three front pieces, as well as two back pieces, and lots of curves to make you look great, but trying to compare the pieces with a SFD blueprint was out of the question for me. There are just way too many curves and I couldn't figure out if it was good, bad, or somewhere in between.

At my first comparison, I decided it was going to be too small, so for some unknown reason, I added 1/2" to each seam on the jacket. Remember, there are 3 front and 2 back pieces, so with the 12 seams, I added 6 inches! Oops. Sometimes the brain doesn't engage. So today, I took everything apart, took off all my additional inches, and figured I'd sew it together as drafted and see if I needed all my other usual alterations. Score! It is very close with the first muslin!

The only alteration necessary is a small FBA between the center front and the mid front pieces. I took my seam allowance down from 5/8" to about 1/4" all the way to the bottom. No sway back necessary. No fiddling with all the bits and pieces. The hem line is basically even all the way around. I'm thrilled. I just need to true up all my pieces and be sure I've walked my seams and this will be in production!

After I did the FBA, it looks like this:

I think this will be a big winner in my closet! I'm already seeing it in wool, silk, linen, denim, and many other fabrics both solid and prints. It's the kind of jacket I love wearing, and fits my casual professional work style perfectly! Can't wait to see the completed jacket! Full speed ahead!

More later!


  1. This is why I LOVE styleARC so much I have put an unpaid / unsolicited badge on my sidebar. Good luck with it and I look forward to seeing the finished product. (Have just completed my first styleARC Barb pants today. Will post tomorrow - hopefully - after I finish a top to go with it.)

  2. PS - I had to laugh at your math mistake. I once had to add 5 inches to a skirt pattern and did so to every side piece making 20 inches in total LOL