Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just work today!

Well, we did take a nice walk with the dogs along the marsh today. It was beautiful out, and we started off the year right.
I worked from about noon on with just the break for the walk. Still not caught up, and I'm starting another busy week. It's good to have a job! :P}}
All of the outside pieces of the jacket are cut out but not marked yet. Still need to cut the facings. I have the charmeuse drying now for my lining and pockets~ forgot I wanted to add pockets to the jacket~ and I'm going to get busy putting pieces together.
Can't wait for my first "wearable muslin" for the SWAP. Then I just need to decide if that's going to be the grey or the navy when it gets made up. It started out to be the grey jacket and I think that's the way it will stay as this one is navy, so I don't need two of the same pattern in the same color even though the fabric is different.
Onward and upward!
And as always, more later!

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