Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hopefully back on tract

Got a little busy around here, and then a big OOPS1 I have been dealing with a damaged right knee since August when I was unloading boxes from our move. I had a box in my hands, turned, obviously incorrectly, heard something pop, and went down. I've had multiple visits to Dr., Chiropractor, and Physical Therapists. Didn't seem to be getting any better, but was generally under control with multiple doses of Advil every day.
Then the unthinkable happened! I share my sewing space with my office since we downsized, and as every fabricoholic/sewing obsessed person knows, there is never enough storage anywhere! I had a stool along the side of my path between office and sewing area, and I had stupidly set a banker's box of patterns on top. My husband was nagging, and in frustration, I got up from my desk and headed out of the office... I caught my left foot on the stool. Tried to catch myself and my right knee gave out. I flailed around, tried to catch myself, hit the cutting table, which broke, and I went down hard.
I was lucky as I only have bruises and misplaced bones. No rib through a lung, no sewing shears through an eye, no broken bones, nor any other disasters that might have befallen someone in a well supplied sewing room. But the back is out badly, and I've had two visits to the chiropractor with more coming. I have some pretty spectacular colors going along my left bicep and my left breast where I hit the leg of the table and the screws that used to hold it together. I think it was the Universe telling me I needed to get with the program and try the light laser therapy I'd been hearing about on the right knee. I've had my first treatment of that, and am hopeful that will get my knee back to operating correctly! I'm not a good injured or sick person, and this has gone on way too long!
On the sewing front, the wearable muslin jacket has sat without forward momentum for a week or so. I have started putting the lining together and hope to have that at least to finishing stages before the weekend is over.
I also started a beginning quilting class. For someone who has made everything from bras and undies to suits, it's an embarassing admission that I have never made a quilt and didn't have the slightest idea how to proceed. Our first class was Wednesday, three more to go. We learned how to do the piecing, cutting, and sewing. I have two squares completed and two more to go before Wednesday night's second session. I'm loving it. I may have found another obsession!
Here's a picture of one of my quilt blocks. Hopefully the jacket picture will be forthcoming soon!


  1. Oh my goodness, you are in the wars at the moment. Not a good time to mention that bad things usually happen in 3's - time for you to be treading on eggshells!!!
    As for the quilt, well, you and I should be sitting next to each other in your class - I have never made a quilt, either. Always admired them from afar. How can straight sewing seem so daunting??? Your quilt looks brilliant - yes, I am jealous!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but your block looks fantastic. I'm a garment person learning to quilt too. We're in this together!