Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Frustration Reigns

Okay. You know when you decide you're going to alter a design slightly, but want to retain the original pattern, so you just make the changes directly to the fabric? Well, I do this frequently, and it usually works out just fine.

As you know, I've been working on my cardigan "muslin" for a while now. It was coming together quite nicely, and I was thinking it wasn't going to be a muslin, it was going to be a favorite piece in my wardrobe. I cut a piece of silk Charmeuse for the lining that I had purchased on sale, and wasn't thrilled with the colors when I got it. But it works quite nicely with the navy, and I was liking the jacket more and more.

I sewed the lining, put the facings on, and sewed it into the jacket, leaving the bottom 4" or so open so I could bag the lining. Get everything sewn, under-stitched, trimmed, and ready to go, then start pressing up hems. Lo and behold, my facing is too short???? What's going on?

I fiddled with this for a few hours yesterday trying to figure out what was going on and how in the world this happened. Checked the facing against the garment front pattern piece. Couldn't figure out why it was too short. Then the light bulb went on over my head! I had cut the garment pieces first and sewn them together because I wanted to get a move on with this. I'd added about an inch and a half to the bottom of the jacket because I wanted it a bit longer than the pattern. But when I cut the facings a week or so later, I forgot all about lengthening the pattern and cut them to the original length. So now I have facings about an inch and a half shorter than they should be!

I don't think I can save it, but I MAY try later today around my work time to piece some left over fabric at the bottom of the facing. I DO NOT want to remove all stitching and try to replace the facing with another piece. It may look a little funky on the inside if I piece it, but no one generally sees the inside facings of my jackets, so it will be a reminder to me in the future to cut everything at the same time, or else to make post it notes and apply to pieces waiting to be cut out.

On a really positive note, though, the jacket fits fantastic! I will be making this up in the "good stuff." And soon! My SWAP is in the works and on the move!

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  1. Gosh that's frustrating. Good for you for making a great fit and figuring out the problem!