Saturday, December 31, 2011

Going nuts here!

As promised, here's the fourth tee. It's an organic cotton knit from Near Sea Naturals in a Prussian Blue. It looks pretty much like teal to me, but I guess we can call the colors whatever we like. I'm not as pleased with this one as the others. It looks like it will need ironing every time it's laundered. I'll have to be careful to hang it to dry instead of tossing it in the dryer.

My internet was down for about 36 hours, when I had scheduled not my usual one, but two appraisals. I only got about half my research done, but did the inspections anyway. That means today and tomorrow instead of hiding in my sewing room, I'm typing appraisals. BIG SIGH. Well, income must come before fun.

My cardigan type jacket "wearable muslin" isn't going to be out of the French Terry after all. I don't know what the deal is because I always buy 2 1/2 yards of everything, but I think I must have lost my mind and bought less. It's also too small for what I wanted to do. BUT, here I come to save the day... I had a navy wool crepe that had been cleaned and was waiting to be something... don't remember what right now, that will get to be my wearable muslin for the cardigan jacket. It's partially cut out now.

Once I finish cooking and eating dinner, I'll finish cutting it out and start putting it together. I do have a perfect and gorgeous silk charmeuse I can use for lining. I'll handwash it tonight so it's ready to get cut also. I will have to do some minor drafting of the linings before they get cut out though. I'm going to try Kathleen Fansella's lining process so I don't wind up with a wonky place at the bottom of the front facing.

Off to dinner now!

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