Thursday, December 1, 2011

As promised!

Here are the latest three tee shirts. I'm working on the fourth. Expect to do a lot this month as business is typically slow throughout the holidays. Once the fourth is done, I'll start the cardis. Then on to pants. :P}}Oh, and a few Christmas gifts thrown in, as well as another wool jacket for winter that will be one of my core items.

Sorry all shirts are on Lulu, but I don't think my work camera has a timer, and Dale's been running around a lot, and is at work again.

We're doing car repairs now. YUK! His truck needed servicing, bearings, shocks, etc., and I got new tires. AND found out I need brakes in the next 30 days. His big check went flying into cars, and a good chunk of the next one will too. BIG SIGH! I hate having to pay for car upgrades! Oh, well. That's definitely one thing you can't live without, and since my car has just reached 100,000 miles and they're rated for 350,000, I expect it's worth the money.

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!
More later

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