Friday, June 22, 2018

Planning for sewing, weight loss, and what I've been doing.

The stem cell therapy went quite well, and I went from a pain level of about a constant 7 or more to a pain level of less than 2 most of the time, and quite a bit of time to no pain at all. It does continue to heal and get better. I am pretty stiff from not being able to use the knees for so long, but believe that will reduce with movement as time goes by.

Yesterday I did my first full Aqua Aerobics class since the middle of May. I was thrilled that I have so much more range of motion and can do almost anything in the pool. It also helped with the stiffness as it somehow or another "greases up" the joints. Not sure of the technical or medical reasons, but I do know it does.

Now begins the long haul back to full health. I determined that over the last 22 years since my late husband was diagnosed with cancer and died, I have gained somewhere between 82 and 87 pounds! That is not helpful for my knees or anything else. This last week as we were driving, I had a great deal of time to think about things.

The wedding was in Centennial, Colorado at my daughter's house. We drove from Las Cruces to Centennial, Colorado. We were on the road from the morning of June 14 to late on the 19th, and drove a total of 1,399 miles. We stopped overnight in Las Vegas, New Mexico for rest and sustenance in both directions. It's a quaint historic town that was part of the Santa Fe Trail, and reminds me a lot of going back in time to the 50's.

We did have some issues, as Centennial is a suburb of Denver which is the "mile high city" and Centennial is at 5,830', plus there are 2.8 million people in the greater Denver Metro area. After our town of Las Cruces at 3,900 feet, and a population of not quite 102,000 people, it was a big change. We both got altitude sickness compounded by the inversion layer of smog. It was nice to be back in the Land of Enchantment with our clear skies and minimal traffic! Even at a higher elevation than the Denver area in Las Vegas, NM, we were able to breathe much more easily and didn't have the altitude problems. However, we're both still exhausted and sleeping a LOT more than normal.

Anyway, Rhonda Buss had posted a motivational saying a bit back about dreams, goals, plans, and actions. As I was thinking about my life and my current year at 71 years of age, it came to mind and reminded me that I need to make a plan and work it in order to achieve my dreams.

For my weight loss goals, I want to be realistic. It's going to take a long time to get all that weight off, so I've made a specific time frame of two years, starting Monday, June 25. However, I've already really started in reality. I'll be making a weekly menu, doing the appropriate shopping, and cooking healthy meals. My Aqua Aerobics teacher has added an additional weekly class, so I'll also be doing four hours a week of Aqua Aerobics. Once I've lost 10% of my weight, I intend to add walking at least a mile the other three days per week. That 10% will get me back down to where I was a year ago, and I was much more able to walk at that weight.

With the goal of 82 pounds in two years, that will give me more than sufficient time to make permanent life changes. It only averages out to about .8 pounds a week, which should be really doable. I'll do my own combination of the Weight Watchers program, South Beach, and the Mediterranean diet. I'm going to be focusing on clean proteins, vegetables, and fruits with an emphasis on fish as a protein. We have a very recently opened Sprouts Market in town, and their fish is fresh, and their produce is awesome!

As far as sewing goals, I'm going to be making "quarterly" goals. Right now the main one is to complete my Craftsy classes that have been sitting for so long, with the primary emphasis on Suzy Furrer's bodice and sleeve classes. I have realized that no matter what I do, there is never going to be a well fitting bodice unless I draft it myself to my personal measurements. Other goals include finishing the baby quilt I started more than 2 years ago; making some baby clothes for an upcoming Great Grandson; 2 or more pair of shorts, and some lingerie. These are my balance of June, July and August goals.

I'm going to post a picture of the completed McCall's "wedding dress." It's a nice summer weight linen bought in Taos on a trip back in 2005. I did get the jacket done, but took it to a local dry cleaner for a final press, and some idiot decided that the "Chanel look" jacket needed lapels, so pressed them in with the lining as the outer layer. I have rinsed it, and have the fronts pinned awaiting my own pressing. Hopefully I can get it back to where it's supposed to be.

That is a wrinkled me, the very pregnant bride, and the bride's other grandmother.

Here's what the cleaners did to my jacket:

We won't be using that dry cleaner again!

I also got a quick pair of shorts done out of a taupe linen or linen-rayon blend that I've had in the stash for a really long time. I believe it was purchased in Jo Ann Fabrics back in 2011. I used the TNT Burda pattern with nothing new other than some (too big) patch pockets. Here's a picture after wearing and washing, but obviously, not ironing!

That's all that I've got for today! Hope your sewing is going well and your week is fabulous.


  1. Good luck with your weight loss. I am down 11 lbs but had a few bumps along the way. Back on track and hoping to loose more as time goes on. I am hoping to start walking in the fall. It gets too humid here to walk in the summer. My sewing and knitting are back on track as I was taking part in sew/knit alongs. Glad they are done.
    Can't wait to see how you will do with your goals.

  2. Thank you Ann! It seems there are always bumps in the weight loss programs, doesn't it? The reason I do the Aqua Aerobics is the heat here...we've had triple digits all month, and it takes off a lot of the pressure on my knees. Humidity is horrid IMO. Wish I were as prolific a knitter as you are. I do have the sewing back on track, thank goodness! Good luck with your weight loss too. I know you struggle like I do.

  3. Good luck on your weight loss plan and I join you in that quest. I am more active than last year, when I was recovering from my accident, and I am feeling pretty good. Are you going to track your exercise and food? I have used Sparkpeople-it is a good program and free.

    1. Mary! You look so good to me already. I have used My Fitness Pal, (free version) for years. It tracks food, exercise, nutrition, and goals. They also have a community and blog, but I don't use it for that. I like that I can look back and see what I ate at any point in time to recreate that meal or that day, or that week, and the graphs for progress CAN BE really motivating. Thanks for your advice. All of us over 45 seem to be in the same spot, don't we.