Sunday, May 27, 2018

It's been a long month!


May has been a long month around here! I'm going to give you a short rundown of the month for us, but first...I wanted to share.

Due to Dale's work schedule, (he's currently driving a school bus to keep busy and to supplement our Social Security income,) my stem cell therapy was delayed a week. I'm now scheduled for Tuesday morning. I'm excited about it, but have also had a month of anxiety. In my head I know I'll do well, but I also don't want to get my hopes too high just in case. I need to stay down for at least 5 days afterward, and I'm not good at doing nothing or staying in bed, or even being a sick person. I have books lined up, and the Kindle is ready to go.

In addition, I needed to cook extra meals so that when I'm on my butt for a week we can eat. Dale doesn't cook so it's imperative that I have stuff in the freezer he can pop in the microwave for dinner.  A healer we know says I have "starvation pictures." I think I have enough for two weeks but it does add that little extra. 

On top of that, I've been working on trying to get a dress put together for the Granddaughter's wedding which is the third weekend in June. Thank goodness it will be an outdoor wedding, so not too formal. I'm going for a modified version of the Butterick pattern from a few posts back. April 26 to be exact.

Three muslins in, and it's moving forward. I started with a size 24, DDD cup based on my measurements and their pattern envelope. It's been vastly altered since then, and I decided I wanted to turn it into a slight A-line instead of a sheath based on my body composition at the current time. Sorry for the cranky faces.

Muslin #1
Muslin #2
Muslin #3
At this point, it's been altered extensively including reducing neck width, shoulder width, reducing fabric above the bust, adding wearing ease from waist to hip; removing a wedge from 1/8" at the front neckline only to zero at the shoulder point; doing a sway back adjustment, and as stated above, altering the skirt to be a slight A-Line.

So as of today, the outer shell is completed and waiting for me to start the lining after I have my lunch. I'm quite pleased with the current status, although as I always say when asked about any garment I've made, it's not perfect yet. 😊 It is pretty darned good though.

Here's current status:

Better get back to my day. More later!

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  1. Oh, I'm so inspired by your dedicating muslin-ing. Thank you for sharing, it really is helping me gear up to attack my planned trousers project.