Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cutting into the good stuff!

Well, I'm happy to report that at this point in time, I'm down to thinking that this shirt is going to fit me better than anything else I've ever owned. There may be some minor tweaking happening on the final product, but I'm ready to move forward. 

Here are the most current pictures with adjustments. I will be making it shorter than this muslin, and have slightly adjusted the under bust area, but overall this is it! 

I have a lovely rayon batik I got as an end cut from Sawyer Brook. I don't have enough for facings, but do have enough for the exterior. I'm cutting into it hopefully tonight! Here's a peak:

It's going to add some much wanted and needed color to my wardrobe. It also lifts my spirits just to look at it! This shirt should go very quickly now that I have the alterations to the pattern done. 

Watch for it! 


  1. Good work (and patience) Lynda. Thank you for hanging in there. I've been following your progress post to give me guidance on my princess seam blouse pattern. And wouldn't you know it--I have a batik very similar to yours (mine from It is a beautiful color and pattern.

  2. Great work to get it fitted that well. I can hardly wait to see the blouse out of the batik fabric.

  3. That batik is gorgeous Lynda. I cannot wait to see your pretty blouse.

  4. Thank you! I'm in the process on the batik. It is so beautiful it's spurring me on!

  5. Loving that fabric. Your fit is certainly great enough to cut the good stuff. Looking forward to seeing the top.