Friday, May 9, 2014

Back to the drawing board.

Since the latest adjustments caused more problems, I'm back to the drawing board on this shirt. Slightly frustrated, but not willing to give up or given in until it's right. Not that I have OCD or anything. 

Once I get all of the adjustments completed, I am going to try to figure out how to give you a slide show. It's a lot of adjustments, and a lot of photos! LOL

When I moved the front princess seam in towards the center front 2" and added a 1/2" FBA, then straightened out the back seam and did another 3/4" sway back adjustment, it caused some new strange and puzzling problems with the neck/shoulder area. The neckline is now climbing up my neck, and the shoulders went all wonky again. 

I added in an additional 1" at the back shoulder only, and that made the front lie smoother. I'm going to cut the neckline down until it is lying flat. It appears to be okay at the back, and just too far in at the top of the shoulder right now. 

I still have too much fabric at the back princess seams, which I think need to be straightened somewhat as they are entering the armscye, and I think I need to take the back side seams in just a bit also. 

I'm scratching my head here and will be doing some more adjustments this evening to see if I can get closer. 

 I was sure hoping that the adjustments were coming to an end last Sunday, but obviously it didn't happen. I've had a very interesting week, so not much time for sewing at all, and when I'm tired I do really stupid mistakes, so that wasn't an option. 

I'll be working on this tonight, and tomorrow I will have time in between making lots of goodies for Mother's Day dinner. I'm really excited as my sister and brother-in-law are coming up from San Diego, and we'll have Sunday afternoon and early evening at my niece's house with them, my niece and her family as well as her grown daughter with two babies, and my daughter and granddaughter with partners. It should be a fun group with lots of love, laughter, and great food! 

I did want to wear a new shirt but that's not going to happen within the allotted time frame, darn it! But I would rather have it right than have it done and never be quite happy with it.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, and to those it applies, a very Wondrous Mother's Day. More later!


  1. Is it just the way you are standing or is your left shoulder lower than your right. There is excess fabric especially the front left; the back looks like you could take in an inch and tapering to nothing at the high hip. Hope you can solve the fitting issues soon.

    1. I think it's partially the way I'm standing, and I think it's partially a little lower. We'll see how this goes. Haven't got back to it yet as Mother's Day is looming with lots of things to get done. Thanks for your input!

  2. Yes, just taking in the back princess seams like Virginia said will give you a better shape and taking in the front princess seam a little at the armhole will remove the gap.Your horizontal grain lines are looking very good and trimming down the front neck and also the back neck will allow the blouse to drop down unto your shoulders more and lay flat. If you add a tiny bit to the front side seams at the bust area only that will give you what you need to make your vertical lines straighter. Allowing the front side panel to come forward toward center say 1/2 inch will also make the front armhole reveal more of your bra but if you make this up in another fabric you can fill in the curve at the paper pattern stage by re-drawing the curve closer to your front arm. It is looking so much better!!!!