Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick update

I went ahead and made a blouse out of the sloper as it was with a few modifications that I thought would cure any problems. What it did, was to make me more aware of what was going on with the draft. I had a hard time understanding and seeing the issues in that plain old muslin without ease, and not being something that I would wear.

When I got the blouse completed, something I WOULD wear, I could see the issues glaringly. So with the blouse, I could see that there was an serious issue with the shoulders. I kept taking out in 1/4" increments at the neck line as it was obviously too close in, but didn't think that I had originally had the right shoulder width. DUH! The parts that came out of the neckline needed to be added to the shoulder point. So that's one fix.

You can see the wrinkles around the back armscye

Shoulders glaringly obviously too narrow

Neck edges wrong causing wrinkles back neck to shoulder point

I still believe I have a little extra across the shoulder blades, but don't believe it's related to the length anymore as I have changed that a couple of times. After I cut the most recent muslin, and told my hubby that I'd taken 1/4" additional off the neckline and added it to the shoulders, he looked at me and said "you need at least another 3/4" at the shoulders. AFTER I cut the muslin! LOL So back to the drawing board! Unfortunately, I have evidently deleted the rear and side photos of this muslin, and can't find what I did with the actual muslin. It may have gone into the garbage already. Too bad as I was saving all of them.

Shoulders right without any seam allowances... Big Red Flag!

My granddaughter was in from Bethesda, Maryland this week, so we took a day off and ran over to have brunch and visit with my daughter and grands for a few hours. With the 3.5+ hour drive round trip, I took a day off work, and now I have to work the weekend. Being self employed is SO MUCH FUN at times! LOL
So now I'll be on to the next muslin hopefully sometime this weekend. I do have to catch up with work, so am going to try to be very focused and get that done early so I have ME time this weekend.
Hope your week is fabulous!



Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Still working on the muslin

Getting closer. Need to redo the neck and shoulder area.

BUT, I'm starting to have withdrawals. I can't get on the Stitcher's Guild website. It just tells me I'm not authorized.

Anyone else able to get onto the website?
Let me know please.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Close, but no cigar!

Getting closer. I think I'm going to go with this for a little bit until I recover from the brain drain of trying to get it perfectly right. I can use the sloper to draft a woven blouse as is, as it won't have any back darts anyway. BTW, I know the bust darts are low. Wearing the bra that is only used when the rest are in the laundry. The good bras make them higher! :P}}

I know there is some wierdness at the back, but not sure how to correct it and need someone other than my wonderful hubby to help. I tell him what to do, he tries, but really is much better with wood than with fabric. :P}} I always ask if it took the folds and wrinkles out, and his standard response is "I don't think it will get any better than this." Which means he doesn't want to play anymore. LOL

So here's what I have now. I may send Glenda another email later in the week and see if she has some suggestions. I have done another 1/4" off the shoulder at the neck tapering to zero at the shoulder, which is after this picture was taken.

Have a busy week overall and the "real" machine went in for an overdue servicing this morning, so probably won't have much time to play with it until next weekend anyway.

Hope you're having fun, and as always, more later!


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting closer.

Muslin #2. I think I have the front good, but don't understand the back floppiness. I will send off pictures to Glenda and see if she can give me suggestions. As I look at it, I AM seeing some forward shoulders, and a sway back, and perhaps the beginning of a dowager's hump. Dang, getting old sure messes with things! Looks like I need a little extra length in the front too.

Comments if you like. I don't mind at all when people tell me where they think my fitting has gone wrong. All help appreciated!

 From the side, the bust dart looks relatively correct, the front slope from neck to bust looks good, and other than the short front, I think that's okay. The sleeves are fitting much better and now are comfortable.

 I still see a lot wrong in this picture. Too much weirdness from the mid back down and under the arms. Don't know if I need to extend the darts up, but I think I need to cut in the back armscye a bit. Looks like I could shorten the back a bit too.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with this other than the front length. Excuse the whale belly sticking out. I think with a length extension, this would be okay for a woven blouse.

Next iteration coming up soon!