Saturday, July 20, 2013

Quick update

I went ahead and made a blouse out of the sloper as it was with a few modifications that I thought would cure any problems. What it did, was to make me more aware of what was going on with the draft. I had a hard time understanding and seeing the issues in that plain old muslin without ease, and not being something that I would wear.

When I got the blouse completed, something I WOULD wear, I could see the issues glaringly. So with the blouse, I could see that there was an serious issue with the shoulders. I kept taking out in 1/4" increments at the neck line as it was obviously too close in, but didn't think that I had originally had the right shoulder width. DUH! The parts that came out of the neckline needed to be added to the shoulder point. So that's one fix.

You can see the wrinkles around the back armscye

Shoulders glaringly obviously too narrow

Neck edges wrong causing wrinkles back neck to shoulder point

I still believe I have a little extra across the shoulder blades, but don't believe it's related to the length anymore as I have changed that a couple of times. After I cut the most recent muslin, and told my hubby that I'd taken 1/4" additional off the neckline and added it to the shoulders, he looked at me and said "you need at least another 3/4" at the shoulders. AFTER I cut the muslin! LOL So back to the drawing board! Unfortunately, I have evidently deleted the rear and side photos of this muslin, and can't find what I did with the actual muslin. It may have gone into the garbage already. Too bad as I was saving all of them.

Shoulders right without any seam allowances... Big Red Flag!

My granddaughter was in from Bethesda, Maryland this week, so we took a day off and ran over to have brunch and visit with my daughter and grands for a few hours. With the 3.5+ hour drive round trip, I took a day off work, and now I have to work the weekend. Being self employed is SO MUCH FUN at times! LOL
So now I'll be on to the next muslin hopefully sometime this weekend. I do have to catch up with work, so am going to try to be very focused and get that done early so I have ME time this weekend.
Hope your week is fabulous!




  1. Lynda, I love following your progress with this project. Your fitting expertise is so admirable. I generally say "Good enough" and know I could do better.

  2. WOW, Mary! Thank you.

    I really appreciate your comment about my fitting expertise. There are certainly days that I feel like a total novice with no knowledge about fitting whatsoever.

    As I watch Project Runway, I am finding myself more and more critical about fit. It's interesting that they have models with as close to perfect bodies for clothes as you can have, and they still have fit issues. It really does make me feel better about my skills, not having the experience and knowledge that they all do.

    I've spent the last 10-15 years trying to get a well fitting garment, and usually say "good enough" also. However, I'm finding that as I get older, the body has changed considerably, and more and more fit issues come into play. I just figure I need to get this body blueprint fitted right to look as good as possible. Thus, the Sure Fit system. I could do it with a Vogue basic pattern I suppose, but thought starting from closer to scratch would be easier.

    So for once in my life, I'm trying to be patient and actually get a really good fit so I can move forward with designing garments I want to wear.

    I really debated with myself about putting the multiple muslins on my blog as I figured people would think I was an idiot to have to do so many, but then I decided maybe I would give someone else with multiple issues hope that they could get a well fitting garment too. Stay tuned. I may actually get this figured out soon.

    Again, thanks for the compliment and the comments!