Monday, January 7, 2013

Tah Dah!

Just a quick moment this morning. Getting ready for work. Here's a picture of the aqua and brown floral. It's a silk/cotton/spandex stretch woven from Gorgeous Fabrics. I love it and it will fit well with my Chocolate Dreams SWAP.

Have the brown silk-wool tee cut out and on the sewing table to start this evening. All threads have been changed and a new needle installed in my sewing machine. Serger has brown thread and is ready to go. The 15 minutes per day seems to be working out rather well.

Yesterday afternoon, another of my goals was started. I hope to spend more time with hubby instead of just working all the time. We need to relax together. So we went to see a movie... first time in I don't know how long. Parental Guidance. Cute movie. Good comedy. Great actors. Lots of giggles!

More later!


  1. Cute top, and it will be fantastic with brown skirt or pants. Yes, it's important to spend some fun time with our spouses. The older we get, the more I know that!

  2. A break from work at the movies with hubby - should be more of this happening for all of us! Love the top and it will be perfect in your SWAP...