Monday, May 28, 2012

Still moving forward but through a zig zap pattern!

I have been sewing again, but just haven't had time to post. I was really sewing with a purpose because I had a very eventful month this month. Last Thursday, my granddaughter graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education, and of course, I needed to be there. She's my first grandchild, born when I was just a child of 42, and she's had her eye on the ball ever since. We're incredibly proud of her. She's not only smart, she's very focused and knows where she's going. She decides on her path, and just moves forward through all obstacles. She's the first of us to graduate from College at all. Well, besides my Associates Degree that took me until I was almost 60 to get! LOL Have to share her picture!

So I would look pulled together, I made a pair of jeans with my standard trouser pattern but with the big patch type pockets, and slightly slimmer, as well as another pair of casual navy pants with the patch type pockets. Pictures will come later after they come out of the wash. I am going to have to do some minor alterations to the pattern as they both have more ease than I want. Yoo Hoo! That pattern fit very well at the first of the year.

As a Northern California resident, I do forget how different the weather is on the East Coast! We had threats of thunder storms all week, but it was beautiful, sunny, overall warm, and HUMID! Where I live, there is minimal humidity ever. Good lesson learned. Next time I go to visit, I will have light weight linen garments in my bag. Most of the items I had were just way too warm for the weather there. I wore my Hot Patterns Linen blouse several days, and the first of my Sorbetto tops in a cotton interlock a couple of days. That was even a little heavy!

So now as we have entered the warm months, my sewing will be concentrated on making garments that keep me decent and covered, while breathing in the heat, and trying to look professional as we go along. I did see a woman at Boston Logan Airport that gave me an idea for a pair of pants that may work through a few sizes. I'm wondering... the pants, which I will make at knee length for summer casual wear, had laced grommets up the sides with an underlayer of fabric. I'm thinking that I could make casual pants using my TNT pattern as a base. Then put some flaps along the side seam with grommets in the flaps and lace them up. I'm not sure if it would work, but I THINK maybe I could use them through a few sizes by just cinching up the laces until the side flaps are touching? I'm going to play with that idea today.

I'll also be redoing the Sorbetto top back to the normal size and making the FBA to see how that works, cutting out my grey trousers for work, doing laundry so I can post the jeans and the new navy pants, and generally getting to sew physically and mentally on this marvelous Holiday! I don't usually get to take Holidays so I'm going to enjoy this one for sure! Although I do think my spouse has some plans for us time too. We'll see how the day goes!

And for those in the States that have served, Thank you!

More later!

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