Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Quick update today

Work's been super busy again, and Holidays seem to intrude on my sewing time. Not that I don't enjoy my time with my children and grandchildren, but taking a day or more to cook, travel, and visit does cut into my sewing time. Need to pull those knitting needles out again so I can knit while I'm visiting. In other news, it was one of my granddaughter's birthdays as well as Mother's Day on Sunday. I had promised her a lap quilt, and started Friday night. Of course with work and the rest of life, it wasn't finished by Sunday, but I did have a top to show her. It still needs to be quilted and sashed, but that will go quickly. I really like the bright colors myself, feels "beach-ey" to me, but she was thinking she'd like something more subdued. Here's a couple of pictures.
Next Colette Sorbetto top is cut out and waiting to be sewn, and I finally got the navy cotton twill as "on grain" as it's going to get, so I can cut out another pair of navy trousers. Now to work! The cotton pique for the Sorbetto can be seen in the white pieces in the quilt top. It's white with giant flowers in blues and purple and green, bought in Kauai in the 1980s. It's going to be fun to wear it this summer. More later! Lynda

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