Friday, May 18, 2012

So here's the latest Sorbetto Top

This is the one that made me realize that there is no other option than a FBA. It will be fantastic for summer, but not quite there for right now.

I did a regular bias binding around the neckline, but the armholes are just serged, turned and top stitched. This is a piece of fabric I bought many, many years ago in Kauai that I was going to make a long halter jumpsuit with. The jumpsuit never got made, but I have had several tops out of the fabric. For summertime it makes me feel tropical, even if I'm just in Northern California.

I've got the next pair of navy pants started. They have patch pockets that are a little like pockets on cargo pants. I had a pair with these pockets a few years ago, and they're perfect if you're on the moving downward end of weight because you can take in at the side seams without losing your pockets. Always a concern. I'm hoping they'll work for the next 15 or so pounds.

I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Hope everyone gets a sewing weekend!

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