Saturday, March 24, 2012

One down, many to go!

Well, I finally have made an executive decision and decided I need to take some time for myself before I get sick! I haven't had a day off since the end of February, and trying to fit my personal needs around 8-12 hour/7 day a weeks doesn't work that well. So I have four days off in a row and intend to put in some quality sewing time over the next few days! It's raining here so I'm not too interested in the garden at this point.

I have squeezed a few evening sewing hours out though, and finished my first Hot Patterns shirt. I hate the way I look in pictures, and please excuse the flip flops, but hubby was home so I could actually get a picture! Shown with a pair of tropical weight wool trousers that I made prior to the start of SWAP, but I may need to include to get to 11 garments. :P}}

Took care of some accounting and household issues this morning, and finally am starting on the Hot Patterns cowl neck top. It's officially the "Weekender Renaissance Top" and appears to be out of print. Too bad because I love the look of it! I had made this before and it was a total wadder. It didn't fit right, and I had for some unknown reason... perhaps because there is no layout on the pattern sheets... cut it on the straight of grain when I absolutely know for a cowl to hang right, it has to be cut on the bias. So I have retraced the pattern, using what I hope is the right upper chest and neck size, and just going out a few sizes under the armpit so I don't have to make a FBA. I know, I AM that lazy right now!This is made out of knit from my stash, that appears to be a super light weight double knit. Perhaps a rayon, but I don't know off the top of my head and I'm currently too lazy to go look. :P}}Love the color, it's kind of a denim-ey blue.

But good news on another front. I finally got a new doctor who actually seems interested in helping me achieve a normal life again. After almost two years with no exercise because of at first allergies, then a super painful knee injury, she has given the go ahead for slow and careful exercise. I was initially told I'd sprained a ligament and it would take 3 months to heal. 9 months later, I switched doctors and asked for some answers as to why it was still so painful I couldn't walk a mile without winding up in tears. She was rather surprised no X-Ray had been taken, and that I hadn't been sent to Physical Therapy.

To make a long story short, I know now that I have a torn meniscus, and I need PT. I will be starting swimming as soon as the new bathing suit I ordered arrives, and yes, I know I COULD make one, but I don't want to fuss with it right now. I can also use a stationery bike with my knee brace for 15 minute periods three times a week so long as I use lots of ice afterwards. So all of a sudden, exercise pants got added to the list, and I'll make a sleeveless top. I don't have anything suitable for the gym, so those will be quick and dirty projects. The HP cowl should be done this evening, and the gym pants and top will get started tomorrow.

Hallelujah! Normality may be in my future. I am super hyper and a couple of years of forced inactivity have dramatically impacted my life, my moods, my weight, and my mental state. I am super positive about getting back to my normal life and hopefully dropping about a third of the weight I'm carrying... that will make it ALL GOOD!

Hope you have a pleasant and fulfilling weekend! More later.

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  1. All good news. Looking forward to seeing your various projects as they emerge.