Thursday, March 15, 2012

Moving along at a snail's pace

I did finally get the man to take some pictures, but they're not the best! It was a very windy day. You can at least see the two pair of pants I've done, and the jacket. The blue shirt is one I made last year from the Hot Patterns Plain and Simple Princess Shirt that I'm using again for my SWAP.

That shirt is one of my absolute favorites and I wear it a lot. It is a linen, and I'm doing one for my SWAP in a rayon challis, and another in a cotton crepe. I am making some minor changes in the Hot Patterns shirt. I had already done a FBA, a sway back adjustment, and narrowed the shoulders. I have to start at a much smaller size in the neck and shoulders, and blend out to waist and hips, then do a full bust adjustment that takes care of the tummy as part of the deal. Unusual for me, the sleeves were fine and had plenty of room for my chubby upper arms. With the new version, I've done more of a sway back adjustment, which seems to have fixed a few minor fit problems, and added 1/4" at each center front princess seam at the bottom, blending to nothing at the waist.

As I look at the grey pants, I may have to go for another redraft. They aren't fitting as well as the other ones, although it could be because of the grey cotton fabric. I am using the same pattern I used for my navy tropical weight wool slacks which don't have the same issues. The navy slacks seem to be okay. So, I'll check it out again!

Navy pants and jacket:

Grey Pants and Hot Patterns shirt

I'm hoping to actually give the SWAP a really good run now that I have these done. Although looking at the pictures, the last year of being off exercise due to my knee ligaments getting injured has me thinking I need to quit eating altogether! And if I can lose 25 or so pounds, the redrafting will be a reality, and a pleasant one at that!

I do have another Hot Patterns shirt almost done. Unfortunately work has been long hours with minimal time off. I've had a lot of 7 day weeks, and usually when I'm that busy I don't have energy for much else. Since my hubby has been off work for most of this year so far, I don't feel like I can turn down work for sewing time, although I'd sure like to do so!

The next shirt is similar to the one in the pictures. It is a rayon challis blue with a floral print... I think we're seeing a theme here, but has 3/4 sleeves instead of short sleeves. It should be done in the next few days and then I'll have at least four pieces out of the 11 done! That doesn't seem like much, but I can do a couple of tees quickly, and the pants are quick too. The jacket didn't take long, and now that I think I have the graining problems settled, that will make a huge difference.

Well, to work. It's piled up around my ears.
More later!

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