Friday, January 12, 2018

Quick Swimsuit Coverup

This is a quick sew that I put together as a swimsuit cover up. I needed something a bit warmer for the winter, as our pool, in general, is open year around and I need those Aqua Aerobics classes to keep on my feet, and to help with weight loss and muscle tone.

Due to other obligations, It was started on 12/28/17 with the idea of having it done that day. Hah! I finished it New Year's Day.

I used my TNT Pamela's Perfect Tee pattern, and just extended from the waist down to about ankle length. I had intended to leave slits a couple inches long in the bottom hem area, but forgot to do so, as it was truly sewn under the old Nancy Zieman 10-20-30 minutes to sew, so it is one long column. .

The fabric was purchased from via Amazon on November 9, 2017. A really new fabric! LOL. It's a 50% polyester, 50% cotton French terry. This particular garment is okay with the polyester content as I only wear it about an hour in total.

I had thought to do a vertical piece down the front, but got lazy and did the whole thing horizontal. I wish I'd done the vertical piece now. That much horizontal stripes across a fairly significant torso isn't that attractive. Oh, well. Now I know. I had purchased 3 yards with the thought of the vertical, and now have right at a yard left over. It could make a tank top for summer. We'll see. I'm debating going back in and doing some sort of a gore from about bust height down to the floor to give more walking room and add the vertical interest.

One note to self. Match stripes below the darts so the majority of the garment is matched. I matched at the armpit on this. It won't be noticeable to most folks, but sure is to me. At least the stripes are fairly narrow. 😄

I've started on a core grouping out of teal. I intended to do this core back in the fall of 2013, but it's been sitting idle while I went on to other groupings. Sew Ruthie has given me a push as I see all her lovely garments in the teal grouping she's doing. I do have multiple fabrics and will be making several garments. First up is a tee from a gorgeous rayon knit purchased from Mood many moons ago. It's been aging nicely, and is a dream to sew. Here's a teaser look at the fabric.

My second grouping will be browns and tans, so this is perfect. I can see it getting a lot of use! Since I decided to go with a short sleeve, I'll have enough left over to make a tank top also. Hooray!

This one is also being sewn in 10-20-30 minute increments, so it will probably be a few more days before it's done. I'm going to try to post all my sews this year so I can remember what was done when and hopefully keep on track with cores so there aren't any orphans in my closet and I have a varied and beautiful wardrobe.

More later!


  1. Oh yes the teal grouping looks lovely. I keep wearing the tee I made as soon as it comes out the laundry!

  2. Thanks Ruthie! I'm excited watching your core groupings this year. I just wish I were as prolific with my sewing as you are. I used to be, but am not any longer. I'm hoping for more sewing this year and less procrastinating!