Friday, January 5, 2018

My Final Christmas Gift

I have a wonderful sewing friend that lives in Eugene, Oregon. We met in the fall of 2013 when we both attended a Sure Fit Designs workshop. Afterwards, we began to communicate a bit by email, and for a very long time now, we communicate daily. Although we are very different people in very many ways, we are very similar in many ways too.

The last couple of years, she has made me a gift from the heart and the sewing room. Last year was the microwave soup bowl cozies that I liked so much I made them for all my peeps this year. See last post. :-) 👧 This year she made me the most amazing bag out of recycled jeans. It's phenomenal. So of course I wanted to make her something special also.

In October Rhonda Buss had a hand sewing caddy on her blog. Since my friend loves to hand sew, I thought it would be the perfect gift for her. I did want to find sewing related fabrics though. So I searched and came up with three fabrics I thought were appropriate and I did enlarge the caddy. Rhonda's was on a 5" X 7" stand, and I went for the larger size 8 1/2 X 11 stand, so I did have to do the math to enlarge the pattern, but it was minimal. Without further ado:

Here it is on my sewing table before I sent it. She's made very nice comments and it appears that it was a big hit. 

Then it was off to selfish sewing and time to get moving on my 2018 projects. More later!


  1. Aren't these the neatest little things? I made one for me to try out the pattern and ended up making two more as door prizes for my sewing guild's workshop weekend. I use mine a lot now. My 8 year old granddaughter made one for her mother for Christmas. She did a great job and was so proud of it.

    1. They certainly are wonderful! I'm really going to make a few more I think, including one for me. My friend is talking about how handy they are, and I can use things that keep me organized. Congrats on such a talented you lady as a granddaughter!