Monday, July 14, 2014

It may not be as hard as before! Muslin #1

Yesterday I started my cardigan jacket draft. It has some issues. As expected.

Most notably, I had forgotten how unhappy I was with the armscye/sleeve/shoulder of my sloper. Those issues may have caused a few more issues that I was unaware might happen.

I have the shoulder seams at the right spot, but the back armholes are just wrong. They need to be altered and I'm going to have my husband mark on the fabric with a sharpie so they hit the right spot on my body. I also think the darts should be closer together than they are.

Other than not getting the bottom of the bodice front pressed correctly, and pinned, I think the front is overall okay. It will never be worn buttoned.

Excuse the hair. New haircut trying to figure out styling. Also no makeup. It was a day off. 

To me the darts on the front appear to be sited correctly. Same old, same old with the sleeves, and these were the altered ones. However, the shoulders are narrower than the last jacket, so I guess I need to add some more onto the cap. The neck is odd because I only had some really old, way too wide shoulder pads here. I have to make my own to get the size right for my body, and these weren't them! 

Side view not that bad other than the sleeve issues. I think once the darts are sited correctly on the back, that odd fold will disappear. It may be because I had not straightened it correctly. When Dale's taking pictures, I have to hurry before he gets too impatient. Someone who will spend half an hour taking a picture of a dragonfly may not be the right person for a fashion photographer. 

So I'm much more hopeful that I won't have to do a dozen muslins to get this one right.

Any input on things you see is greatly appreciated!

More later!


  1. I think you will whip through this after doing all the work on the blouse. I agree with the back darts. I have a question about this though: "However, the shoulders are narrower than the last jacket, so I guess I need to add some more onto the cap." I think the sleeves are hanging too low and would decrease the shoulder seam length. Am I wrong? You have far more experience. Finally, I love your haircut! I also have a new cut and it took me about 4 washes to finally have a natural looking style.

  2. It is looking great to me. I haven't figured out fit very well yet so can't offer any advice other than it is looking good to me. The length is perfect I think.

  3. I think that the front looks terrific. You are inspiring me to try and start to fit some clothes for me instead of my thin daughter. Keep up the great work!