Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A quick update for July so far.

The three dresses are complete. One is a smash hit, one is a no way, and the other is "okay."

Smash hit:

She loved this one~ the third. I had redrafted the skirt pattern as I thought the second dress was kind of wonky in the skirt. This one it was the colors, the fabric, the fit. She's wearing it to work this week. It's a light weight cotton jersey from Hancocks.

The others, not so much. The first one with the cross over top didn't get a picture taken darn it! I find cross over tops to be problematical, and the first dress was no exception. It was good in the heavier fabric, but in the light weight rayon jersey, there are a lot of unexpected folds across the bodice.

The third was not good at all. She didn't like the color nor the print, and with the initial pattern draft , it looks just wrong. Hemline is wrong and the pattern, which really was on grain the way the initial pattern was cut looks like it's going downhill and all I see is a big "frowney" face. And visions of a  long past pregnancy? Not good at all.

But for my picky daughter, one out of three is a good ratio! LOL

Once those were done and delivered on the 4th of July, I set to making myself some long wanted items. I have in my mind that I'm doing a summer six-pac along with continuing with my annual SWAP. I like the concept of making multiple garments in a colorway that will at least go together well increasing the amount of outfits without using all of the closet space. To that end, my first navy core grouping in a while. Pants were made Saturday and finished off Sunday, and the tee was started and completed on Sunday.

The top is a luscious rayon-lycra jersey, purchased from Emma One Sock back in April. I got three pieces of this and wish I'd got every color I wear. It was wonderful to sew, and wonderful to wear. It's my TNT Pamela's Perfect Tee Shirt pattern altered beyond belief.

The slacks are a very light weight (4 ounce) stretch denim purchased (on sale!) last November from Gorgeous fabrics. It's perfect for a pair of summer trousers. Pattern used is my custom draft made from the Don McCunn "How to Make Sewing Patterns" book. They're my go to. Can make them in about 5 hours total including pockets and fly front. That's a win for me!

Today I'm starting on the second piece of EOS rayon jersey. It's a royal blue and will have a vee neck as the only change. I'm hoping for a tee shirt marathon to put my summer six pac on the fast track.

Hope your sewing is going well!

More later ~


  1. Love that first dress. Really looks great. Your pants and top are winners too. Must check out that jersey.

  2. I also love the first dress ~ it is just right in all ways! With the blue dress, could you chop it just under the bust line and add a plain skirt/bottom half?!? The top of this dress does seem to fit well ... J

  3. Thank you! She hates the fabric on the second dress, so it will go to someone else who loves it via the Charity Box.

    The jersey is phenomenal! Here's one called Sienna which I think is the same as I used.
    and in orchid; and in stone, aka pearl grey