Monday, January 13, 2014

Two to share and a teaser.

I finally got the button and actually finished the jacket. So that's here:

I like it pretty well, it's warm, and does the job. I have already made some alterations to the pattern that will be completed prior to the next version being sewn. I have been really ogling my garments to see if and where other alterations should be done to make them fit my body the way I like them to fit. As I was scratching my head over this one, I realized I have a jacket pattern that I started several years ago and have done about four versions, each one getting tweaked a little more. The arm/shoulder/sleeve fit on that one is really close to perfect IMO. So out it came, and I redid that area on this jacket pattern. I cut the armscyes in both front and back at the base of the arm so I don't have excess wads of fabric there. I fixed the sleeve so it should be just right for me. And I remembered I have that other jacket that I can just add lapels and a collar to and have a well fitting blazer. So I'm a happy camper right now.

After all the work on the jacket, I did a quick instant gratification tee as a palette cleanser. It is made out of a fabric that I bought sometime last year ( I THINK) and when I saw Bea Jay's tunic realized I had the same fabric and it would fit well with my Winter 6-Pac. So without further ado:

This is my standard TNT Pamela's Perfect Tee pattern. I love it and have made probably 50 tees in various sizes and fabrications. The only problem I have with this is it reminds me of a melting hot fudge sundae and makes me want ice cream! ROFLOL
The teaser is the next top up. I was going to work on my tees for my SWAP, and then realized I had lost my mind and nothing had been washed and dried as yet. So instead, I pulled out my HP Plain and Simple Princess shirt and some fabric I've been wanting to make up since 2011, and got that going while I waited for laundry completion. Now it will be a few days until I get back to my SWAP, but I'm happy I'm using this fabric. Here's a quick peak:
It's a piece of quilting cotton, and judging from the color ways indicated along the edge, looks to me like it will go with almost anything I care to put it with. Hopefully I'll have this to show in just a few days, but it may be the weekend again before I get it completed.
As always, more later!



  1. Wonderful work Lynda. Can't wait to see the shirt.

  2. That jacket is fabulous and what a great fit! Love your top too (and yes I would handwash as the fabric is lovely but goes "furry").

    Looking forward to seeing more of that teaser fabric.

  3. Thanks, BeaJay. I was a little disconcerted when I read your post right after I had started sewing mine. But I'm sure even if it's furry, I'll still love it. :P}}

  4. Your entire ensemble looks great, and I admire the way you have been able to get the sleeve bodice intersection to fit well (that is my personal nemesis) And what a great idea to look at those colors on the selvedge for a clue to coordinating colors for your future blouse...

  5. Thank you Alison. Sleeves/armscyes have always been an issue for me even when I was young and slim. I'm getting there though!