Saturday, December 29, 2012

Thinking SWAP 2013

I don't know if I'll actually throw my hat into the ring over at Stitcher's Guild, as I believe we're going to have a VERY busy first quarter in 2013. We are hoping to get approved to buy a new to us house, which will of course involve a move; my sister and brother-in-law are having a 50th anniversary which will involve a very large, wild group of family in the San Diego area for several days; and of course I still work full time on top of everything else.

BUT I really feel like I accomplished a lot of coordinated sewing after planning last year's SWAP even though I didn't come near finishing in the allotted time frame. I did finish most of the garments, and wound up with some nice wardrobe basics. As a result, today I spent most of the day coming up with my 2013 SWAP, Chocolate Dreams. Could be coffee too, but Chocolate is really my fav, so that's what it is.

It will fit my lifestyle perfectly with slacks and tops for work and the bridge piece is a "jean jacket."

The pants are my self draft as they're the only ones that fit me, and are so much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel. The knit tops will be Pamela's Perfect Tee shirt for the same reason. The woven blouses are both from a new to me Butterick pattern, #5616. One will have a 3/4 sleeve, probably without the band at the end of the sleeve, and one with a cap sleeve for spring and summer. They will both be able to be worn over another shirt if desired. The jacket is my first foray into Stylearc patterns, but everyone who uses them seems to love them, so there you go. I'm hoping I'll feel the same way.

My fabrics are pretty simple and should be super versatile. I have medium brown and bittersweet chocolate wool for the winter pants with a silk/wool jersey, a mesh knit, and a cotton print top to go with those. The spring to summer grouping will have taupe cotton twill and espresso brown subtly striped twill pants, a natural tan color rayon/linen jersey, a dark chocolate rayon jersey, and a cotton stretch woven print for tops. The jean jacket bridge piece is a taupe-brown stretch denim. Everything looks like it will work well together, at least on paper!

There are myriad other garments I'd like to add to this, not the least of which is a wool tweed jacket for now, but it won't work as a bridge piece. It may get made first just the same. And of course, it's kind of boring with just brown and cream, so along the way there may be pops of color that jump in. We'll have to see how it goes.

I'll be doing my year end goals in lieu of resolutions in a few days, and then it will be a New Year. I'm hoping to do more sewing, more blogging, and in general have more fun.

Hope your year end is going well!


  1. Lovely plans and great colours too. Good luck with your future busy life - maybe you'll use your sewing time as a retreat and for some special YOU time.

  2. Good luck with the SWAP. I've never tried to do one. I did try a jacket-a-month, but I wasn't able to keep up.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement!
    I'm hoping that I do get to use my sewing time well and come out with some great garments that get worn a lot.
    I think a jacket a month would be very stressful unless they were unstructured and unlined, and/or very easy to do like a cardigan type without the underpinnings. Although Ruth seems to fly through her Chanel jackets quickly!
    I did download a Burda found on someone's blog that is made for stretch and actually has a notched collar, but they swear is easy. I'll see how that one goes!