Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The next jacket is done.

This one now has a lining, and is complete. I'm okay with it, but do want to figure out a better way to connect the lining at the bottom of the facings. I think Kathleen Fansella has a tutorial on her website to make this work so you don't have icky things there. In the past, I just used a Hong Kong finish along the edge of the facing, so it was okay. But that's not as nice as I'd like it to be. So that will be one of my projects for this weekend. Find the tutorial, figure out how to do it, and get my lining/facing patterns fixed up so they are completed nicely. :P}}

Well, and I'm going to do some instant gratification sewing with a few tees and an French Terry cardigan, and also make up a sloper to try on Cathy Friday. She wants a dress, and I've been promising to make her one for a long time, so I need to get her fitted so the dress will not be a total waste of time. Shouldn't take too long I don't think. I'll draft the skirt from measurements. Torsos I'm not so good at, so will use an old Burda fitting pattern I have here to compare the draft I've made to be sure it resembles a bodice when I'm done.

Can you tell, work is slow this week? this is the first Holiday in many years I won't be working at least part of the day. Woo Hoo!

Here's the jacket. Unfortunately, I'm bigger than the form now, so it looks a little baggy. It's not. :P}}More later!

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