Sunday, December 1, 2019

I'm moving in the right direction albeit slowly!

The bootstraps shirt got set aside as I have a definite urgency in my mind for the Modified Grainline Morris jacket. As I was looking for things in the sewing room, I ran across the pattern I started quite some time ago for the Morris jacket.

I have a ton of adjustments needed on anything like this due to my unique body shape. I had done some adjustments, and for whatever reasons, it got set aside and as far as I am aware, a muslin was never even started for it. I think it was because the fabric I had intended to use was a stretch cotton, and I wasn't sure how that would work.

Time passes, and I know I need a wool jacket for winter now that I live somewhere it actually gets pretty cold. I pulled out the wool double knit and did my standard prep for wool garments. I use Eucalan in the washing machine, let it soak, spin and then hang to dry. The one I use has lavender oil, so in addition to prepping the fabric, it is a natural moth repellent. Win, win, in my book. I save the cost of dry cleaning, and get the benefit of the moth repellent.

While that was going on, I made up a quick muslin of the Morris jacket, and had my hubbie, who is a fabulous photographer, but is only learning "fashion photography" take some pictures. First time around, it was apparent I needed quite a few additional adjustments. I guess as I move forward in my 70's, my body is changing more rapidly. At least much more rapidly than I would like.

I made some more adjustments, and another muslin, which didn't look too bad, (I never seem to get my horizontal balance lines in the same place on the front!) but still needed a bit more tweaking. I've become much more aware of the back issues lately. I've always needed a sway back adjustment, narrow, sloping shoulder adjustments, etc., but since I did my moulage and muslin, I realized that my upper back between the armholes is narrower than most for my body size. I also needed to make a larger adjustment at the top of the back for the rounded upper back I think I have from sitting at the computer so much. However, I think I have it now, and tomorrow I'll start the cutting and construction of the jacket.

Here's a quick pic of the muslin before I did the upper back adjustment. I think it's going to be a great addition to the wardrobe.

Hmmm. Looking like a mouth breather in this pic! LOL

I have since added a wedge of 5/8" at center back tapering to zero above the upper horizontal balance line. I'm pretty sure that's done the trick. At the minimum, this will fit better than any jacket I could purchase!

So I'll hope to keep up as this moves forward. It should be a quick and easy sew. Fingers crossed!

More later!

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