Sunday, March 11, 2018

Finally completed!

Seems like it's been way too long, but I have finally finished my third and fourth teal pieces.

I feel like Ruthie is making about a dozen to each pair of my makes. Ah, well. It's life in the slow lane at this stage of my life I guess. :-)

I made another Pamela's Perfect Tee in a dark teal cotton interlock with a matching cardigan. The cardigan is a mash up of an older version of Petite Plus Cardigan, looks like it's now OOP, and a Sure Fit Designs pattern, along with multiple alterations.

Although I've used it before, since I have completed this one, I'm making several more adjustments to get it to fit the way I want it to.

Odd picture of the tee. The darts don't stick out any farther than I do! I think the picture was taken before it was washed and pressed correctly. Interesting enough, they are both the same fabrics, so you can really see the difference the light makes in the photographs. Neither is perfect, but the picture of the cardigan is much closer to the actual color.

I am thinking the tee may be taken in just a bit at the side seams as it's roomier than I'd like at this stage. The cardigan has multiple alterations that need to be done, and I've already adjusted the pattern for the next one. I have a piece of light blue cotton interlock that will be my wearable muslin for the corrected pattern. 

I've widened the shoulders; added a bust dart; added about 5/8" to the front shoulder area; added sleeve cap height, and walked all the seams to be sure I have it about right now. Hopefully, it will be a much better fit. 

I'm a year into my Aqua Aerobics class now, and I know it's made a huge difference in my body and the way I feel. Things are moving around, tightening up, and I'm getting ready to move from three times a week to four. 

Doctors have been telling me for multiple years now, perhaps more than a decade, that I need to have knee replacement surgery. I've resisted for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the recovery time. And a strange and very compelling and overwhelming fear that I will die on the operating table if I decide on the surgery. 

A friend has a doctor in El Paso that is working in regenerative surgery, and is certified and a Fellow in stem cell replacement therapy. Bill had stage 4 cancer in his throat, and after surgery and his first bouts of chemo, they told him to get his affairs in order that he had about 6 months left. He decided the side effects of the chemo were not worth it, and looked for alternative therapies. That was last May and his Oncologist is in shock that he is now cancer free! His last appointment, he and the doctor got to talking about my knees and stem cell therapy. 

After hearing Bill talk about the wonderful results they have had with the stem cell therapy, and how much he likes his doctor, I made an appointment. Long story short, I'm having stem cell therapy on May 21. Between now and then, I want to get my body in as good of shape as possible to help with the healing process. 

I am on multiple supplements suggested by the doctor after extensive blood tests, and have a new eating plan he wants me to follow for the interim. I found out some of my current issues are genetic and he has given me some answers and hopefully things that will combat my issues. I haven't quite figured out yet how it all relates to my Weight Watchers program, but I think in many ways it is close, although there is an addition of legumes and nuts and seeds every day that I haven't been doing on Weight Watchers, and considerably less whole grains. I guess they balance each other out somehow. 

And, great news. I have a granddaughter getting married on June 16, so I'm going to be doing a dress for the wedding. I need to start the muslin about the middle of May so I have plenty of time to get that done before the wedding. I'll be using a custom Bootstraps pattern, so it should go quite smoothly. Here's a picture of the dress, and I am hoping it will be perfect for Denver in June. 

Here's what I've found about the typical weather in Denver in mid June:

"In most years, Denver averages a daily maximum temperature for June that's between 77 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (25 to 30 degrees Celsius). The minimum temperature usually falls between 51 and 55 °F (10 to 13 °C). The days at Denver warm most rapidly during June." 

I expect I will need to make a light weight jacket or duster to go along with the dress, but like Scarlett, I'll think about that tomorrow! LOL 

Seems to me that 2018 is going to be a fantastic year and will get me out of the doldrums and into full sailing ahead. Excitement is rampant around our house! 

That's all for now. More later as all the beautiful garments in my head start to make it onto my cutting table!


  1. What a lovely top and cardigan. I am stalled right now trying to face making trousers (pants) to fit me.

  2. I'm sorry you're stalled. I don't know your body shape, but for years I've used a self draft from Don McCunn's How to Make Sewing Patterns book that measures your "leg width" to be sure the back crotch is the correct length. Frequently you can get the book at your local library. For the leg width, you put an L shape ruler in the little fold at the base of your buttocks with one leg of the ruler parallel to the floor and going towards the front of your thigh. Take the measurement with a straight edge at the front of your thigh to determine the leg width. Be sure the pattern is that width from side seam to crotch point plus about an inch plus seam allowances. For most people I've met, other than a back crotch curve adjustment, his draft fits about the first time. If you're interested in drafting your own, (not hard) send me an email at landerso at sign I'll be happy to help if I can do so long distance. But IMO, it's pretty self explanatory if you can read and follow directions. :-)