Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Been down and out of it

There is a really nasty cold going around, and I was lucky enough to get it a few weeks ago. The first week was mostly lying in bed, sleeping, and trying to get plenty of fluids. In between naps, I did get to the sewing room a little bit.

I was able to complete a new pair of jeans, and a cotton oxford cloth tank top. It can be worn alone or under my "big shirt" or other topper. As the body is shrinking, (thank goodness!) it is changing in ways that were unexpected. The water aerobics is helping a great deal with range of motion, and mostly eliminating the pain in my knees, so I am more able to do things, and so on and so forth. I've started to rebuild muscles that had been sorely atrophied, and it is also making a big difference in motivation when I can so readily see results. The waist has shrunk, as has the butt, but perhaps due to my age, the belly is holding on strongly. I'm thinking I'm going to get back on limited portion sizes to do much good with that part.

Anyway, here is my new outfit. The jeans are again a self draft from the Don McCunn "How To Make Sewing Patterns" book. I think I may want to slim the legs down a bit to be more fitted, now there is less of me. The tank is modified from the one I made in knit at the Sure Fit Designs retreat. I eliminated about an inch in shoulder width, changed the French dart for a standard dart, and did some upper body adjustments for my slightly rounded back, plus more at the waist for a sway back.I may need to do a little bit more at the bust to eliminate the wrinkles from the bust to the waistline. The back of my pattern is beginning to look like a mountain road with all the S curves! LOL

This outfit should get a great deal of wear over the next several months. 

I've moved on to a new bathing suit. Bottoms are in the works. I'll share, but not on me at this point in time!

Move later,


  1. Very Nice! I've been hearing a lot about McCunn's book. I will definitely check it out.

  2. It's a wonderful, easy, process, and with good measurements, it will fit first time and every time! As we age, we do need to drop the back crotch slightly to get a great fit, but that's the only thing necessary! Have fun with it. I've made the draft in about a dozen sizes, and helped multiple people to make their own. Everyone has a great fitting pair of pants!