Sunday, August 7, 2016

It's been a long, long, time!

As I began thinking about this post, the song by Harry James from 1945, "It's been a long, long, time" keeps running through my head.

It's been a fairly significant and interesting year to put it mildly. As noted in my March post, I was rear-ended when I was stopped in traffic. I didn't think it was a big deal, but it turned out to be fairly significant with months and months of treatments. I'm over the worst, and moving forward.

July 15, I finally retired. Woo Hoo! I spent the next few weeks packing, and on April 27, Dale came and we loaded a 22' truck, put my car on a trailer and headed for "home." We arrived in Las Cruces, New Mexico on Monday August 4. Having never lived outside the State of California, this is a big change for me. So far, I'm in love, albeit semi-overwhelmed with all of the work before me.

Much has been completed on our "new" home, but much remains to be done. I have boxes piled floor to ceiling in my future studio, that all need to be unpacked and places found for all my things. Here's an idea of what it looked like this morning: There will need to be some significant cabinetry added in the kitchen, which currently has original 1935 cabinets and old, worn, and horrid Formica counter tops. A new range is in the offing, hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank goodness, Dale  is a retired Contractor, and an amazing finish carpenter among other things. 

The studio currently has a stained concrete floor, and a new electrical panel sufficient to run a HVAC system and my sewing equipment. Other than that, it's raw, but will be done, hopefully before the end of this year so I can get it set up in time for SWAP 2017. 

12' X 28' space with walkways. EEEK!

And that doesn't even include all of the boxes in the house. First things, first though. I took my machines in to be cleaned and serviced because I know how badly they can get out of time on a move like this. I don't have a sewing room set up yet, but I will have my machines ready to go as soon as I do, and may just start doing things as soon as I get a corner cleared. Between now and the time the studio is completed, the spare bedroom will be used as a sewing spot. 

My eldest granddaughter has an order in for an apron for her birthday, which is coming up this week, and then I'll really be getting time to sew when I want to. Retirement is a wonderful thing, as I will be able to do what I want, when I want to do it. Hooray! 

I am already finding (despite all there is to do around here!) that letting go of work stress is having a wonderful effect on my mental state as well as my body. I have much less joint pain along with the move, am eating more healthy, and hope as I move forward into my new life to have many other positive outcomes. 

I did figure out that when going from an elevation of about 15 feet above sea level to 3,900 feet plus that you need to take it a bit easier than you have been. I can't do as much in the same amount of time as I could in Fairfield. Luckily, I am not too worried about getting things done immediately. 

I'm doing a little gardening, a little unpacking, a lot of cleaning, and some naps! Hopefully I will get this blog going on a more regular basis as I have the time to sew and think about what I'm doing.  I have a fairly large list of Craftsy classes to complete, and I have the Bootstraps fashion basic pattern that I want to fit so I know what alterations I will need for their pattern drafts. 

As I was writing a note to my friend this morning, I realized that I feel such a sense of peace here, it’s amazing. The energy of the place seems to me to be calm and accepting of all things. It’s beautiful with an ever changing display of God’s handiwork, and so very different from California. This was a shot I took Friday as I was leaving the Motor Vehicles Department. Those are the Organ Mountains in the distance, and the typical daily, ever changing, cloud show.

I am reminded of the New Mexican state flag and the symbolism behind it whenever I contemplate the nature of this land. I’m going to be working to fulfill the promise… a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others!

Hopefully this post will find you all well and enjoying your summer with many enjoyable pursuits, sewing and otherwise. 


  1. Congratulations on your retirement. Glad to hear you are enjoying it. I am working 40 hours a week but have an end date in mind as to when I will be fully retired. Then I hope to enjoy life, do some traveling, and take a nap when I want to.
    Here's to hoping you get your sewing corner set up soon and enjoy doing some projects.

  2. I love watching cloud shows. Nice to have retired - enjoy it.

  3. I've been following you periodically, and am thrilled you've retired! Enjoy as you set up your new sewing space!

  4. Thank you all. So far so good! I'm enjoying my time although I do have much to do. Have to sort out all the boxes, and the fabric bins, find the thread, and get a corner set up soon. I am doing some napping too!
    More later!

  5. Congratulations on your retirement Lynda! I am thrilled that you are finally in your "new" home in Las Cruces and wish you the best.