Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been doing a little sewing as well as a lot of planning. Finished up a jacket from Butterick 5647 that I like quite a bit. Excuse the wrinkles, this was after a long day at work!

I added welt pockets as I like the look, but didn't even think about the jacket being unlined. Had I used patch pockets instead, (it has flaps for pockets but no real pockets which I need and want!) it would have been done quickly. I love the look of this jacket. Even altered for a curvy figure, it retains a lot of curves, and is very flattering. Shawl collars are one of my favorites.

Now I'm working on a muslin for some exercise pants. One down, probably a few more to go. I'm taking a Pilates Reformer class, which is designed for rehabilitation of people with injuries. I need exercise pants, but don't want the negative ease in commercial patterns for this body. So it's taking a while. First used my Barb pants pattern, which has too much ease the way I altered it. Next got a pattern from McCalls 6350. Again, too much ease the way I did them. Third one coming up though. Hopefully three's the charm.

Today I'm cooking for our Thanksgiving, and giving the house a quick once over. Hope you all have a very enjoyable day, and if you're in the US, a Happy Thanksgiving!

More later!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dreaming and planning

Have to say, this week and weekend when I haven't been working, has been mostly spent in a dream with me fondling fabrics, playing with patterns, and putting together my initial plan's story board. 

It has taken ALL of  my time and all my concentration this weekend! LOL 

To give you an idea, I'd decided I was going to do navy, grey and red this year. I wear a lot of navy and grey, and love red so much, but haven't had the inclination to wear it for a few years. Getting back on my feet literally has given me a huge surge of creative energy. 

First I pulled out a few items in blue that I though might make it into the SWAP. 

Hmmm... since I need three color groupings this year, that might be a few too many. Pulled out some grey and some blue, which I didn't photograph. It's a little embarrassing to have more fabric than a small store! I am intending to do all of my SWAP from existing patterns and stash fabrics. It is easier to move clothing than 30 or so bins of fabric IMO.  

Anyway, I've folded, and fondled, and measured and plotted, and planned. At this point in time, my preliminary plans are these:

Grouping One:
Simplicity 4278 Grey Wool jacket completed June 2015
Burda 6810 Blouse Grey paisley rayon shirting
Self-Draft Grey wool flannel trousers

Grouping Two:
Simplicity 1920 Navy ponte knit jacket
Vogue 8689 Blue rayon print
Self-Draft Navy wool gabardine trousers

Grouping Three:
Pamela’s Perfect Tee Shirt, red and cream rayon jersey
Pamela’s Perfect Tee Shirt, red and navy rayon jersey
Self-Draft Black wool gabardine trousers

Combo Pack;
StyleArc Stacey Jean Jacket Chinese Red Faux Suede
Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Princess Shirt blue linen print.

Here's my first try at the story board for this year:

Since I have all those other fabrics out already, perhaps I will do some preliminary sewing to fit in with my SWAP. I could have a cohesive collection by the end of April, perhaps!

More soon!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

AWOL a long time, but hoping to correct that this upcoming year!

Well, I’m sorry I’ve been AWOL so long. It’s been a most interesting year. I thought that it would be easy for me to get through a year and a half with my husband about 1,600 miles away, but it hasn’t been so easy. I miss him a lot! 

Despite being widowed for more than 5 years before I met him, we have been married for 13 years. I’ve gotten used to his presence in my home and in my life. It’s a little lonely without him, I have to admit. Add to that I’ve been working very long hours this year trying to build up a slush fund for all the repairs and updates we need/want to do, and I haven’t gotten nearly as much sewing done as anticipated. I was picturing myself as I was during the first years after I was widowed, sewing many hours a day. That just hasn’t happened, although I have done some sewing this year. Not blogging about it, but sewing did get done.

Fitting remains the challenge, and with the help of some wonderful people, I’m actually getting better at it. Thank you Mrs. Mole. Learning HOW to start was a huge help. By learning to measure my body separately front and back in multiple areas… including shoulder to bust, shoulder to waist, width between apex, and similar things on the back area, I have cut my muslin process down from as many as 8 to many less. Jacket I’m working on now, just took two tries to get it right! HOORAY!

I’ve been lurking, watching most of the blogs I follow, adding a few more throughout the year, and checking in on Stitcher’s Forum at Artisan’s Square at least once a month, and lately about once a week or more. As we got closer to the release of the rules on November 1, it became a few times a day! I’ve been watching the palpable excitement over the discussions of SWAP 2016, and even more so at the announcement of the rules.

As we all know, life can get in the way, but I’m sticking my foot into the water and anticipating going for a full SWAP collection this year. I don’t anticipate any big life changes like I’ve encountered in the spring the last few years, and am very hopeful we have a very uneventful 2016.

I need new clothes, and the rules fit into my lifestyle well. My lifestyle will be changing over the next year, as I am starting the countdown to my retirement, with (for now) an anticipated move at the end of August 2016. In the interim, I still need to have workable clothing that looks business casual and is easily laundered. So it’s going to be a mish-mash of a year for me sewing wise.

I’m thinking my retirement looks like gardening, continuing with remodeling and updating our home, sewing, perhaps a bit of quilting, walking, and biking, a comprehensive exercise program and some exploring of the amazing country we’ll be living in. I’m also anticipating a bit of volunteer work, and getting involved with the community. Perhaps a foray into a new and different part time career to keep me interested.

So far, the photographs and the visits have convinced me that New Mexico truly is the “Land of
Enchantment.” It will be my first time living outside the State of California, and I’m anticipating a bit of weather shock when I first live in an area with four seasons, and a bit of culture shock too. It’s exciting to start thinking and planning my next phase of life.

I’ll be sharing my ideas about the SWAP as I get my planning put together. 

More later!