Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dreaming and planning

Have to say, this week and weekend when I haven't been working, has been mostly spent in a dream with me fondling fabrics, playing with patterns, and putting together my initial plan's story board. 

It has taken ALL of  my time and all my concentration this weekend! LOL 

To give you an idea, I'd decided I was going to do navy, grey and red this year. I wear a lot of navy and grey, and love red so much, but haven't had the inclination to wear it for a few years. Getting back on my feet literally has given me a huge surge of creative energy. 

First I pulled out a few items in blue that I though might make it into the SWAP. 

Hmmm... since I need three color groupings this year, that might be a few too many. Pulled out some grey and some blue, which I didn't photograph. It's a little embarrassing to have more fabric than a small store! I am intending to do all of my SWAP from existing patterns and stash fabrics. It is easier to move clothing than 30 or so bins of fabric IMO.  

Anyway, I've folded, and fondled, and measured and plotted, and planned. At this point in time, my preliminary plans are these:

Grouping One:
Simplicity 4278 Grey Wool jacket completed June 2015
Burda 6810 Blouse Grey paisley rayon shirting
Self-Draft Grey wool flannel trousers

Grouping Two:
Simplicity 1920 Navy ponte knit jacket
Vogue 8689 Blue rayon print
Self-Draft Navy wool gabardine trousers

Grouping Three:
Pamela’s Perfect Tee Shirt, red and cream rayon jersey
Pamela’s Perfect Tee Shirt, red and navy rayon jersey
Self-Draft Black wool gabardine trousers

Combo Pack;
StyleArc Stacey Jean Jacket Chinese Red Faux Suede
Hot Patterns Plain & Simple Princess Shirt blue linen print.

Here's my first try at the story board for this year:

Since I have all those other fabrics out already, perhaps I will do some preliminary sewing to fit in with my SWAP. I could have a cohesive collection by the end of April, perhaps!

More soon!


  1. Glad you are back. I hope you'll give an update on the retirement house project. As well as the sewing.

  2. I love your fabric choices and am totally impressed with your digital story board. Enjoy your creative burst :-)

  3. This is such a great SWAP plan. I will be following along with great interest.