Sunday, January 25, 2015

At Last ~ Here I am again!

Well, things are moving forward and time is flying. I’m in my apartment in Fairfield, CA and Dale is in Las Cruces, NM. Well, more or less. There are still a few boxes here needing sorting, and he’s not the A type I am so he has lots and lots and lots of boxes all over! LOL

I’m having to be more creative with space, so my “sewing room” is more spread out here than it was at the previous house. The cutting table and drafting area are in what would normally be the dining area. The sewing machine is in the living room, and the serger is in the 2nd bedroom which is also my office.

Today I hope to get pictures hung so it feels more like my space and not so amorphous. I think having my pictures hanging and all of my items around will help it feel more like home for the next while.

Finally having things more or less put together and a long 18 months stretching in front of me, I’ve definitely got my wheels spinning about what I want to do sewing wise over the next year. I had thought to do SWAP 2015, but I am rethinking the idea. There is much I want to sew, and most will follow the lines of SWAP, but I don’t want to restrict myself to a set number of garments that will ALL work interchangeably. AND I have bathrobes and pj bottoms that need sewing as well as the Granddaughter’s wedding quilt. 

I did get my "pre SWAP" pair of jeans made, and at some point I'll post those pictures. They're my usual trouser jeans, and are super comfortable and have already got tons of wear! 

The quilt is going to take a front seat, as they are getting married in August and I really need to have it done in time to send out for quilting. I’m trying to convince myself that 45 minutes a day on the quilt will enable me to spend an hour or more on my garment sewing. I’m going to have to see how that works out. I find quilting pretty boring despite the fact that I love quilts!

I also have found a marvelous pearl grey herringbone wool in my stash that I don’t even remember buying, but it must have been a 1980s or 1990s purchase because that was when I was doing outside sales and would have been in my mind for an outfit for work. That’s going to be my first garment. It will be a very casual jacket for my current work as it’s been pretty cold for here. This is the first winter in a long time that a light weight jacket hasn’t done the trick. The wool with a lining will be just about perfect IMO.

Yesterday was my birthday. I met my daughter in Berkeley for brunch, and just happened to wander into Stone Mountain and Daughter ostensibly for buttons for the jacket. Well what do you know? I found just the exact amount of pearl grey wool left on a bolt for a pair of slacks and a matching knit for a top. So I am excited about that as my first new outfit for the New Year. The colors aren’t true in this photograph, but here’s the three pieces together. I think they’ll be a great work outfit.

 Hmmm… perhaps that knit fits in with Jungle January?

Well, I hope to be posting and sewing much more regularly this year.

I am wishing you all a fun filled, sewing bonanza this month.

More later,


  1. Welcome back! And a big belated happy birthday. That fabric does scream JJ so hope to see something soon.

  2. Thanks, Bea Jay. I've moved around the constructs so maybe I can fit it in this month. :P))