Monday, September 22, 2014

Wow! I was busy.

Here are a few more garments I've made this month.

Made between August 30, and September 1. A pinstripe twill, denim colored. It may have some linen in the mix also. Fabric Purchased From: Fashion Fabrics Club    Date of Purchase: 05/07/2012

Pinstripe Jeans inseam pockets ala David Paige Coffin

The aqua top prototype. Am going to redo the shoulder and side seams and hopefully get it working correctly. Started 9/2 and worked on it at least a little bit every day until 9/7. As you'll see from the pictures, it needs to be reworked, but I wanted to do quick and easy tees instead of pondering and playing with it. I think I'm going to have to do some top stitching along the front to get it to stay in place too. It's on the list for this week for deconstruction, and then we'll see where it goes:

The grey tee initially completed 9/9 and picture with the neck band removed for replacement. Fabric from Emma One Sock, rayon jersey. Sorry for the picture. It has been piled in the suitcase and then on the ironing board after I removed the band. 

The cream tee completed 9/10. Fabric an eggshell rayon jersey from Christine Jonson purchased 3/31/13. It will be so useful in my wardrobe! It's been packed, so needs washing and pressing, but here it is! Doesn't look that great over my jeans, though! 

I also hemmed a couple of pair of Levis for Dale before we took off. The sewing machine was running a lot over the first two weeks of the year! 

More later!


  1. I love the tops and the jeans. I don't normally wear jeans or denim because of my size and the way rtw usually fits. After seeing yours, I will have to revisit this issue. I guess it really depends on the fabric, pattern and a great fit. You nailed it Lynda!

    1. Robin, anyone can wear jeans. You just need to find a cut/style that you feel works for your body. Play around with muslining a couple of different patterns with cheap denim and see what you like.

  2. Looks like you just lived for sewing ~ all look super, but the jeans are my favourite ... great sewing ... J

  3. Jeans aren't that hard to do once you get the pants fitting correctly. My favs are the custom patterns I have made from Don McCunn "how to make sewing patterns" book. He just knows how to do it so everyone can get a great fit. You can refine as you go along to make wider or narrower legs, and all the rest, but the fit is the key. If you make traditional jeans, it does take longer due to all the fiddly parts and the topstitching though. The main reason I make "trouser jeans" is because of my size. I don't think anyone wants to see skin tight over bountiful butts and thighs! Most especially me!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! It must feel nice to have all of those new, great-fitting t-shirts added to your wardrobe (even if you want to re-work a few of them)!

  5. You have been busy. Love the tops but those pinstripes really rock. Love them.

  6. Look at all your new clothing!! Pretty, and well fitting :-)