Friday, August 22, 2014

It all came to a screeching halt!

I was merrily going along, sewing my cardigan jacket, unsewing my blue top at the ruching, and thinking I was going to have several garments done in a weekend. I had even traced off my new Bootstraps Fashion crop pants pattern, (evidently the same as Lekala but at 3 times the price) and another McCalls blouse for muslins.

BAM! The best of intentions... somehow, why I don't know, my Pfaff, that always makes perfect buttonholes messed up on the second one. Yes, the one right at bust level that is impossible to miss seeing. My friend had just had this happen not too long ago, and I had smugly said that never happened with my machine. Wham! Karma bites me on the butt.

I have to say removing sewn buttonholes is one of my worst nightmares even in easy to work with fabrics. This silk chiffon was a whole 'nother story! I spent at least a part of every night for a week trying to tease the buttonhole out of the shirt. In the evenings after a long day of typing numbers it becomes problematic to get my eyes to function.

Yesterday I had a partial day off. I spent one hour and 20 minutes sitting in bright sunshine, 80 plus degree weather with my glasses plus a jeweler's magnifying headband holding the fabric almost against my nose, and a seam ripper, tweezers, and tailor's point scissors, trying to get the entire thing removed without tearing holes in the fabric. I did get a few minor pulls, but I don't think it will be noticeable in this busy pattern, thank goodness. And it's done. But it was exhausting. I MAY have been stressing about this a bit. :P}}

After that, I was kind of off sewing for the afternoon. Did some shopping with the hubby and then in the evening worked a little on the ruched top, sewed a piece of silk for a scarf, and then the day was done for me. I'm hoping to have multiple things to show for my weekend of sewing.

I think I'm going to use a stabilizer on the back of the fabric for the buttonholes. From what I can tell, after sewing the first leg of the buttonhole, instead of moving to the side for the second, the second was sewn right on top of the first. That made it horrendous to take out.

If you read this and have suggestions on buttonholes in silk georgette, please leave a comment.

I'm also going to put together a small tutorial on making custom shoulder pads. If, like me, you have unusual shoulders, custom is the way to go, and it's easy!

More later!


  1. Oh my! So sorry about the buttonhole fiasco! No real tips except that I second your idea of a stabilizer. Also you might use solvy on the top of the buttonhole--the washaway that looks sorta like plastic wrap.

  2. Having never done a button hole I can offer no advice but to say hang in there.

  3. Thanks Lind and BeaJay. Another friend said wash away stabilizer on both the top and bottom. BeJay... can't believe you've never done a buttonhole! You were looking for new challenges. It's generally not bad, but be sure to use a scrap with interfacing and make a sample before you start on your garment!

  4. I so admire your perseverance. What a role model! I have no suggestions except for stabilizers and prayers to the buttonhole goddess. Aslo, BeaJay...I cannot believe no buttonhole from you-I hated them until I got my new Elna a few years back. Yummy buttonholes now.

    1. Success. The wash away stabilizer on the top and bottom did the trick! I'm putting on buttons today and hemming and then all will be revealed! Glad to hear from you Mary.