Friday, February 28, 2014

It's been a long, long, time!

I'm a bit behind in my blogging, aren't I? We've had an interesting year around here so far.

The last post was the day after my birthday, and we were heading out to the U C Botanical Garden at Berkeley, and then out to dinner with daughter and granddaughter with their partners. Although between the freeze and the drought, there wasn't a lot of blooming going on, it was a lovely day to be outdoors and a wonderful walk through the gardens. They have the most amazing medicinal herb garden with each plant having a sign that shows what it is used for in traditional Chinese medicine. Fascinating!

Unfortunately, right after that we were hit with flu and colds and allergies and all of that nastiness. I have been sewing, albeit a tiny bit at a time, but it does progress the projects somewhat.

Just a little late with the photo, but here is the previously blogged denim pants with the shirt that gave its left over fabric for the pockets and Hong Kong finish waistband fabric.
Sorry about the bad hair. I'm trying to grow it out a bit and it's at that in between stage!
Next up was the striped tee. The fabric is a wonderful viscose/elastane knit that feels like silk. It's from my TNT Pamela's Perfect Tee Pattern. Fabric purchased in January of 2012 from Sawyer Brook. Glad to get it complete and in the closet!
Geez, I wish my photographer would tell me when things are wrinkled and need to be straightened!
After this one I got an unusual request. To preface the request, I have to say my hubby has a unique and quirky sense of humor. He'd seen some Dia de Los Muertos cotton shirts in a shop in Sonoma when he was driving by. He'd stopped to check them out and was horrified that a basic cotton shirt, think Hawaiian style, was $95.00. The salesman told him it was worth it because he had a woman in New Mexico that was custom making the shirts for him.
Long story short, he described it to me, we found the fabric on line, and he has a shirt made up. He wanted the shirt to wear for the anniversary of his heart attack and bypass surgery last year! LOL I told you he had a quirky sense of humor!
So now I'm moving forward with my garments interspersed with making 9 patch quilt blocks for my block of the month club. It's a new venture for me, and I'm enjoying it. I made the first one, but missed one key direction. The class instructor said to make the blocks about 1/8" larger than called for. Which I did. What I didn't hear or she didn't say, was to cut them back down to 3" squares once put together, so your block winds up 9" X 9". I did a gorgeous job on my block, but unfortunately, it's about 11" X 11"! I've got to redo that this week for next Saturday's class. But it looks good! Here's the prototype just a little larger than it will be once completed again!
For a non-quilter, I think it's pretty good. I sure hope the next version comes together as good as this one did.
Stay tuned, as my SWAP may take a more polished direction with a few different jackets that are less casual than the Stacie Jean jacket and the Style Arc Marie. Our sewing guild is doing tailored jackets this year, and will all be showing them at our annual fashion show next fall. I really don't do tailored jackets much, but I may go with more professional looking patterns instead of my casual ones.
Next up will be the grey slacks, and following closely a natural colored silk jacket from my TNT collarless jacket pattern. Then a few tops so I can get some "groupings" completed. I'm looking really hard at Chanel style jackets too!
Hope your sewing is going well and you're all staying out of the way of the flu. It's a nasty one!
More later!


  1. Great new tops and pants. Your wardrobe is getting some lovely additions. Quilt is looking good too.

  2. Great looking tops and slacks. Love your quilt block too. Glad to hear your husband got a new shirt of choice at a fraction of the cost. And for a very important day.