Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Not MIA, just crazy at work

Hi all.

I'm not missing, just super busy. Finished the pants finally after multiple adjustments and alterations, but don't have current pictures. Maybe today. :P}} Adding pictures 3 hours later. It must be the fabric as it keeps growing and growing. Looked and felt okay when I first put them on. A few hours later they feel 2 sizes too big. But here they are first thing before they grew.

I've also been working on fixing the seersucker top that I did to see how the body blueprint really fit prior to my retreat. I added some linen/rayon in a taupe that exactly matches the stripe. I added half moon curves to the shoulder area, and switched out the collar for the same fabric to make it look more like a design choice. It is completed now, and the width is okay, but now I think it looks like a bowling shirt, which isn't my preference for work. I may add in some waist darts and see if that helps. What do you think? Waist darts, something else, help on this one please!

I've also been working on my story board for my 2014 SWAP. I think it's okay at this point, but would like to do some more work and actually get the swatches inserted into the pattern drawings like the navy pants. It was easier this time, as I have the textbook for Adobe Illustrator marked with places I use. BUT, doing it once a year is not enough to learn this program. It has so many capabilities more than I do. Hopefully, I'll have more time and get things done better. Anyway, here it is so far:

I think this one may be a winner and I may actually finish for once! Hooray for TNT patterns!
More later!

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  1. Great plans for the SWAP. You're like me - great plans that don't quite get finished. Let's cheer and nudge each other on to complete! Love the shoulder inserts on your top. Perhaps a curve a the waist at the side seams may bring it in a little.