Friday, August 16, 2013

Just a few minutes to post, but catching up

Well, I haven't moved on to the pants draft just yet. I wanted to work a little more on my bodice and see what I could get accomplished. I need woven tops badly, and I think they are pulling me away from my quick and dirty, (and instant gratification) tee shirts. But I do need to get some of those done form my Autumn 6 Pac also.

I am tweaking each garment as I go along. Each time I make a garment, I can see somewhere else that needs a little tweaking. But that’s okay as I can generally wear the ones I have made, even if they’re not yet perfect.

I have unpicked the collar, sleeves, and shoulders on the seersucker one I did first, and will recut it to fit. I am thinking I can make a “wedge” (possibly on the bias so it looks like a design feature) to add into the shoulder to increase the width and fix that sticking out sleeve. Then I do need to recut the neck on that one also, and I have enough fabric to make another collar and will probably add a piece of bias along the inside edge of the collar as it’s going to fray ~ I can tell after one washing. 

Last week in my spare time I did a sleeveless top from the sloper. I had a piece of French linen I bought a while back in the stash. It’s gorgeous in black, aqua, creamy white, and taupe geometric print. Not something I’d usually wear, but I love it. Only had 1 1/8 yards, so had to cut it cross grain. No collar, no armhole facings. Had to use bias tape on the armholes. But did get facings for the neckline. I had the buttons in my stash which look like they were purchased specifically for this print! I have added a top button. I was debating on it, but the picture shows it’s needed. Not the most flattering picture ever, but it is what it is. I need to work on "fashion shots" for sure! And boy, oh, boy do I need to get some new bras made. Aging and old bras just don't give you that perky silhouette that you used to have! :P}}

This one I had to take out an inch at the back hip tapering to nothing at the shoulder blades, and I could easily see that the back armscye needed to be cut in for about a couple of inches from the armhole. BUT, I’m not taking all the stitching out and redoing on this one. I don’t wear sleeveless in public, so I don’t think I need to go to all that work! LOL It would be so much easier and quicker if I were patient enough to wait for the retreat so I would have someone who could take a look, tell me what needs to be done and help by pinning out the places that need it, and eyeballing so I would be able to do this easier. Making a garment, taking photographs and then trying to alter by myself is much more time consuming. Although I will definitely wear this top!
I have the next garment cut out, and was hoping to get it sewn up tomorrow, but one of my scheduled appointments for today didn't work out, so I have to work tomorrow too. Darn it! But hopefully a short day as all the preliminary work was done this morning.
My next garment will be a tan linen-cotton knit, short flutter sleeved cardigan. I think I have enough left to make a matching tee so I'll have a "sweater set" for my 6 pac. And I have a taupe linen-rayon blend from Joann that will be my next jacket. And some charcoal ponti for a Style Arc moto jacket. But I can't decide if I should go for the jackets or work on pants. Who knows what I'll feel like when I get there. It's going to be a surprise for us all!
Hope you're enjoying your time and wishing you a fabulous weekend!



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