Monday, June 24, 2013

Some pictures.

First the kits I bought, dress, shirt and pants with the videos, booklets and stylus.

Next the bodice front and my completed bodice front

The bodice back and my completed back
The sleeve and my completed sleeve
The only actual alteration I made other than the ones indicated in the manual for full bust and full bicep is my standard back neck adjustment where I remove 1/2 inch from the center back neck tapering to nothing at the neck edge.  

I do have the muslin cut out. It's on a gingham that will help me with grainlines and balance. After work today I anticipate stitching it together, and hopefully I'll have a full front bodice sloper with sleeve.
More later!


  1. This is super work, Lynda! I have taken your advice and also checked out the SG thread about this Sure Fit Design, and today will google their site as well. And I have read in the past that gingham is the best fabric for a muslin - the straight lines never lie! Good on you for going down this drafting/fitting path - I look forward to following along with you...J

    1. I think I did my homework quite well. It seems to be the easiest drafting system I've ever seen, and I've been trying to do this for 20 or so years now.
      The SG thread and the Sure Fit website are fantastic sources of information. Although I have to say the SF videos are tiny, so I just get the name and go over to You Tube and type in Sure Fit Designs and then you can max the videos on your screen and really see them well.
      Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. First-time visitor, Lynda! I'm thrilled for you for getting the SFD combo kit! Especially with your experience, I am sure that you will have great success, even knowing that your shape will change. Applause applause for writing all over your blueprints and including the date. I think you have a newer post, so ill just say welcome to the world of patterns that really really fit.