Sunday, September 9, 2012

August Recap

Well, it looks like I'm doing a month's blogging all at once. Work has been busy, thank goodness. Sewing gets done when I'm not too exhausted to remember "right sides together."

I did get the little pencil skirt done for my granddaughter. Drafted her a pattern, added a kick pleat, and typed up very involved instructions so someone with no sewing experience can recreate a skirt from the pattern. That one also has a fly front, so those instructions were very detailed, and she has some good information there. She did mention that she thought it was a tiny bit too big. But hasn't sent any pictures, so I don't know if she's talking a half inch or two inches. Just going to wait until I hear from her. Here's a picture of the skirt on the hangar.

Kick pleat showing

Once I had Kristi's skirt completed and in the mail, I continued to work on the Margarita top. I kept at it trying to get the fit exactly right for my body, including changing the shoulders and neck edge until it was something that I felt good about. To this point, I have three totally wearable tops that work well with or without a jacket. No bra straps show with these versions. Plus a few others that get worn for pajama tops at this time of year. The ones for "real" include a navy cotton overlock knit from Hancock's fabrics; an Ecru LaCoste mesh knit from Denver Fabrics, and another from a grey, red, and cream knit from Emma One Sock. Navy, beige, and gray are my core colors, so all will be immanently wearable, and get lots of use.
I also made a blouse from my Favorite Hot Patterns Plain and Simple shirt. I used a Bali handpainted Batik from Emma One Sock for that. It's already my new favorite top.
So on the table right now is a half completed pearl gray jacket that will match the pants previously shown. I also have 3 pair of pants cut out and ready to go ~ charcoal grey, black, and tan. I figure if they're ready to go they have a much better chance of being queued up and getting sewn quickly. Then I have the granddaughter's quilt partially cut out. I'll be starting sewing the strips together when I'm too tired to make sense of anything else. :P}} They can bet done while mindlessly watching television. I'm itching to get to the reds though. In my head I have a red jacket waiting to be made also! We'll see how quickly that comes together! LOL I think I'll use my TNT base jacket pattern, and do a Mandarin collar, then slant down to the bust level like it were a collarless jacket. In my head, it's going to work really well! LOL
I have a Butterick top partially adapted and ready for a muslin too. Oh, for the days when I could just cut a pattern out and it fit good enough that no one knew it wasn't perfect but me! Reading other's blogs, I most identify with SD Bev. I have narrow, sloping shoulders. Need a FBFBA. That's full bust, full belly adjustment. I need a sway back adjustment. I have what Carolyn calls Bodacious biceps, so those have to be adjusted. And then I'm short waisted, so things need to be adjusted in length too! I just need several more hours every day and I could be so productive!
Well, off to my day.  It's always a tightrope walk to balance my days and evenings with everything involved in being self employed, work, food prep, grocery shopping, and time for sewing. Still trying to eliminate some of the pounds brought on by my body's reaction to gluten and stress. I figure that's going to take a long while at the rate I'm going, but I am moving in the right direction, albeit VERY SLOWLY! Hope your August very productive.
More later!

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  1. You are one busy lady! Remember to take time for yourself though.